Don’t underestimate the girls of golf (20 Photos)

And in case you missed Tiger whoopin’ up on Shaq, check out the video below.

 Dont underestimate the girls of golf (20 Photos)
a Dont underestimate the girls of golf (20 Photos)

  • P90

    What did Tiger Woods call his six girlfriends?
    His 'Eighteen holes'

  • Guy on a Buffalo

    I'm not 100% on this, but I don't think all of them are in the WPGA. Call it a hunch.

  • misschris

    Let the "nice form" comments begin! We can start w/ #11 Oh Diora….

    • P90

      Pics of Diora should be par for the course.

  • MeIrakly

    #13 that's nice…..

  • Bollyver

    Where are all the Koreans? They make up 90% of the lpga.

    stoooof is going to be very grumpy.

  • Trav

    90% are hot which means… 75% are infected with Tiger blood.

  • Ron Paul 2012

    Love #2 & #14

  • silky johnson

    Natalie Gulbis is a star

  • Uncle Al

    Mark Twain not Churchill

  • Kyle

    #3 is cute
    #12 Natalie Gulbis
    #19 I suspect has not won many major tournaments

  • VedHead77


  • ROET

    Why 13 putting in the rough? Weird….

  • Mitch

    golf stands for "Gentelmen Only Ladies Forbidden" …seriously
    Gulbis can play through though…

  • Peas

    No mention of Blair O'Neal, she's also a model and an excellent golfer

    • mopmonkey

      #1 I thought Blair was a great way to start too…

  • Big Joe

    #12 awesome rack!

  • Heavyhand

    Do they keep score in women's golf?

  • Eddi

    #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 #12 #17 are all the same girl – Natalie Gulbis – she isn't even close to the hottest girl on tour – come on CHIVE sort it out

  • Peas

    Ok, I don't know how to put pictures in a post, but Blair O'Neal is number 1

    • mopmonkey

      type the # with the number right after (no space) then your comment

  • LukeTheTerrible

    Funny how they had to add in some obvious non-players just to make the post worth looking at. Couldn't find any pics of Chivettes actually playing? Not surprised.

  • Kristian

    #16’s at lost canyons in simi valley

  • MattKL

    #12 #20 I may need to start watching golf.

  • CapitaBlaster

    womens sports lol

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    #10 "It's all in the tits"……Chubbs

  • Woody

    Try Mark Twain…

  • DickFister

    It's in the hole!

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