If the world fades to darkness, redheads will be my beacon of light (37 Photos)

  • buttlover

    Holy yellow teeth Batman #9

  • PFrank

    #19 Beautiful
    #36 Marry me 🙂

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #12 is smokin' hot!

  • chaostheory

    #18 I think im in love!!!

  • Brutys

    Number 17! Where oh where Do you cheer!? I’m going back to school!!!!

  • Andy_C6

    39 is the winner!

  • http://www.thanksforpartying.com Paul

    Thanks for my unhealthy obsession w/ redheads Bob. #TFP

  • Bret

    Lots of beautiful redheads but #17 will always be #1 in my heart!

  • ronnie

    Less than 12 of them are redhead’s most are beautiful but not natural redheads

  • https://www.facebook.com/FMachado84 Frank Machado

    So, how do I get in contact with these gorgeous redhead Chivers? I love redheads and you've got some knockouts in this post

  • dick

    #29 damn

  • Anothermuser

    Please Chive…find #9 just for me! You all get an invite for the ceremony 😉

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, we know that gingers have no souls. Therefore, these are not gingers at all because soulless things cannot be photographed. All fake.

  • Fabio

    # 34 is my favourite! Please find her!!!

  • suil

    GOD BLESS… natural red-head!!!

  • MRR

    I love redheads, but look in her eyes…dark as coal! That ginger has no soul!

    Hahaha! j/k, she's very pretty.

  • http://Facebook Anthony Richardson

    I love redheads

  • Morgan

    #29 I'd l like to see a wet version of this picture 😉

  • Tim

    #19 Spellbinding. #23 Naughty #28 Hello 🙂
    But you are all fantastic.

  • Redhead lover

    My top pics are: #3 #10 #12 #16 #17

  • http://Www.Google.com Kerston Froedge

    I think red heads are sexy and i take a red head any damn day lesbo pride : )

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