If the world fades to darkness, redheads will be my beacon of light (37 Photos)

  • joe

    #20 fine as helllzzzzzz! MOAR!!!!

  • just a dude

    I'm just not seeing what some of you are. To me at least 1/4 of these women are not attractive at all. I have NOTHING against redheads,( #17 for example is gorgeous) … but a few of these I'm wondering if they're meant to be jokes.

    it really is in the eye of the beholder, I guess

  • Ted

    #25 MOAR PLZ!

  • Bobo

    Im diggin on #31 god i love redheads!

  • Imronbergundy?

    I’m not into it either

  • Dusty

    36…good for you!

  • http://thechive unmarked1

    #29 is really cute… except for that nose piercing. Not a fan.

  • yonothan

    #21, perfect. #34 holy boobs. I like.

  • benderminguez

    best ones period. #17 #18 #26 #34 #36

  • Timbo Slice

    Chive you must find 29 and 32 for the sake of mankind!

  • Matt Price

    Awesome. Every one a knockout.

  • aikanaro

    #36 #39 perfect combination of green eyes and red hair. The girl of my fantansies looks like that way.

  • Faust

    #40…Thanks Chive…just fuck up my whole day. I actually had to sit there and think about whether or not today waas Friday. Dicks!

  • Brian

    Dang. No wonder she's #1

  • Barry McKokkinner

    #18, loving this picture



  • V4Vendetta14

    #31 Really cute!!!

  • vanman

    #36 – I would like to see much much moar of……..please find her!

  • Brad


    Sweet mother of god. Moar!

  • jeff donuts

    #10 and #21 need moar

  • S.Roy

    fallen in love whit soo many women, wish i could pick one and she would pick me too.

    ahh sweet dreams…

  • Swanky

    No need for the hate…some guys like redheads, others are gay. To each their own.

  • Turd Feguson

    #31 all natural the real deal

  • James Munn

    #4 MOAR!!

  • MeIrakly

    WOW! I was never fan of red heads but I think this post changed it :O

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