Man is either crazy or brilliant to marry a doll (12 Photos & Video)

And now a video of Everard Cunion (50) celebrating Christmas with his dolls

Via Odditycentral

  • Christy

    Well, if he couldn't get the real thing before now he REALLY won't ever get it.

    • lordastral

      yes, but on the bright side he doesn't have to worry about her picking food off his plate.

  • BigWillie

    This must be the Rage face ” Forever Alone ” hero !

  • Alan

    I feel so bad for this man…… :/

  • etcrr 126p

    Story of my life. Although i do it with stuffed animals.

  • lentinant

    True Forever Alone

  • Chavez

    Can you have sex with these dolls?

  • chicago

    Aqua: Barbie Girl
    gone WAY too far..

  • SadeShadz

    My God! This is creepy =/ He FAPS around these things and how is it even possible to marry a doll? o.O Crazy world… #2 Lol she doesn't even look happy.

  • 0331

    Think how cheap the divorse would be.

  • A

    Thats what I like about these Real dolls man. I get older, they stay the same age.

  • duwescrewm

    #3 Can he use the HOV lanes on the freeway?

  • mifimi

    #4 Even ones with snot running down their face.

    • Dirty Doll Love

      that's not snot…. bukkake…

  • Eel

    The slutty outfits I can understand but WTF is up with some of those weird old lady dresses he has on most of them? It's pretty obvious he never interacts with real women ever.

  • L

    Forever alone????

  • bobbyd

    There was a show on The Learning Channel last night of a couple in England that had 240 of these "love dolls". Both the husband and the wife (real) was into these things. Oh, and to Chavez, these things are made to have sex with. That's what they are, realistic sex dolls.

  • Patrick

    Dammit Caroline! I brought you flowers every day for a year. Wrote you love notes! I had a ring Caroline … and you marry this chump!
    F’n Friend Zone!

  • MEC

    Really, America?

    A man can marry a fucking DOLL, but two members of the same sex getting married is out of the question for the majority of the nation? Makes perfect sense. *nothing more to do here*

    • Christy

      It obviously wasn't a real wedding. You have to have signatures/birth certificates/a beating heart to be able to marry.

    • Dan E

      My super sluething skills (reading the caption) and the fact that his steering wheel is on the English side of the car tells us this is in jolly old England gov'na.

      • Waldo

        As an English guy I can say that it's not a real wedding, this guy is way past borderline creepy/psycho.

  • Anonymous

    #9 i would so fuck the shit outta her plastic asshole….

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he’s the smart one here…

  • jean.

    what a playa. #11

  • KE

    Mec, you should read the description the guy is from the UK not US

  • Mike

    #9 FLBP. MOAR!!!! Lol

  • Derek weaver

    #9 I’d do it

  • Rick

    #9 I bet they all do anal.

  • B.Dick

    #9’s hot!!

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