Man is either crazy or brilliant to marry a doll (12 Photos & Video)

And now a video of Everard Cunion (50) celebrating Christmas with his dolls

Via Odditycentral

  • saltygary

    This guy is fucked.

  • Chiver215

    Hahahahahah this chiver gets his bitches and pimps them out.

  • Happy fun Goo!!!

    Please find!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “The Learning Channel” lol

  • minervamink0903

    This is kind of depressing but hey, whatever makes him happy.

  • Jennifer

    Not my cup of tea, but he’s not harming anyone. You go Everard!

  • Anonymous

    Wow 12 girls and all of them drama free

  • Alex


  • MarthaJeane

    #1 #4 Smile hunny! You're getting married today! Oh, wait, that's the other head..

  • Z_Bone_Capone

    What the actual fuck?

  • Jen

    Batshit crazy!!

  • grog

    Forever Alone: Level – GOD

  • Reed

    #9 – I'd hit it.

  • Skip

    That’s sad

  • sdawson22

    alone like a boss!!

  • Yessirr

    How sad. How hilariously sad.

  • vent187

    i doubt anyone attended that wedding…

  • Mike

    Can’t wait to see the children..


    #9 After this one I kinda undertand why… and don't even think he is that crazy anymore…o.0

  • Imronbergundy?


  • @danieljillm

    I'd rape one….maybe two

  • da sandman

    i can understand why a sexual delinquent would put his dick in one of these.. but actually marry it, dress it up, talk to it, prefer them over real women… that's just messed up.

  • KayMan

    at 3:00 into the video he had a moment, a "special" moment

  • Booyah!

    This guy was shown on TV. Possible form of autism that limits social contact.

  • amadeeprocter

    Creepy.. I couldn’t sleep having 12 dolls in my house that look real, and with exchangeable heads..eek. but atleast he’s married and he’s happy which is rare to find these days.

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