Photos taken at just the right moment (37 Photos)

  • coinbank

    #14 ID please…no FAP until i see ID

    • pdo

      It is an 18th birthday party for both of them!!

  • NedPlimpton21

    I'm official.

  • NedPlimpton21


  • jimstarswagg

    #33 Mind blown.

  • minervamink0903

    #30 this guy is a badass.

  • alphazulu

    #8 "That's my Cake"

  • Mitchiver

    #22-Folded like a lawn chair!

  • Luis Torres

    Hahahahahah these are really funny

  • dandude

    #30 nice dance

  • marshall c

    Third world problems.

  • @JHay97

    #15 that is so epic…..

  • tommytwotime

    #24 oooooh shit!!!!

  • UGTP

    #33 reminds me of CatDog…. man i wish I was a kid again just for one day, or one week for that matter.

  • Coolio

    Chive #14 WTF, you guys are promoting pedophilism? Is that even a word?!?!?!? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!!!!

  • Seth_Michaels


    This guy! This is the guy!

  • Shat_Thrice


    duck…duck…FUCKIN' SHARK!

  • Don

    This needs to be made into a MeMe

  • lowlife

    #4 Steubenville Ohio. That was cool to watch

  • Da Sandman

    #14 i don't know what the guy underneath has been smoking but i want some

  • Mike Litoris

    #30 Bret McKenzie – Comedy/musical genius.

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    #35 My planet needs me.

  • girlnamedlisa

    #30 I fucking love Bret McKenzie.

  • Becky

    whose in the dowling shirt?!?! i went there!

  • Gallus

    #13 is an interesting photo, but it seems to be part of a disturbing media trend. When did it become cool to focus on people tripping and falling?

    #15 would be one hell of a "holy sh1t" moment.

    I've never seen anything like #28, in real life or in photos.

    #32 – Been there, done that, and it was one hell of a rush!

  • red rodeo

    In Soviet Russia, bull ride you!

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