Photos taken at just the right moment (37 Photos)

  • Ralfie

    #9 Silver Dollar City! Also, I am listening to the Space Jam soundtrack.

  • Chris

    The jumping shark photo is especially impressive. I watched the behind the scenes feature of the "Planet Earth" series. The filmers had tremendous difficulty capturing video of jumping sharks (emerging in order to feast on seals). Additionally, there were hundreds of sharks in the cove!

  • Nathan

    #11 "Why is this photographer bothering me? He knows I'm blind in my left eye right?!"

  • Ulvhade

    #20 My Spidey Sense is tingling

  • Gredd

    #25 Bull to Cowboy – "You're right, this is fun!"

  • SARmedic

    #26 Failed skydive? I can't tell what's going on with that one, aside from a gravel facial.

    • Amazing

      #26 take a look past the sand facial…

  • Funny Picture Lover

    #17 Checking out what's for dinner 😀

  • Ville

    #4 chive on from Steubenville! Love it

  • Underhill

    #28 is fascinating.

  • FUStan

    Man up and stop deleting your comments to save your precious 126p you pussy. You're worse than a troll.

    "Its shit" btw.

    • Rick Derris

      God, you are pathetic…… how long before you delete this one?

      • Sleep_Salone

        Any second now…he just went negative.

        He should go wash the bullshit off his face 'cause he has bullshit all over it, right Stan?

    • fuck you

      you are a fucking idiot who should really go and play in traffic you faggot

  • Always Last


  • nicholas whaley

    how the hell did #34 get on this website??? its me n my friend haha.

  • Suits_me

    wonder what happens nex!

  • tyler

    #4 is my home town

  • Ben

    #25- I ALWAYS root for the bull.

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