Some people have no patience for summer (20 photos)

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  • Steve

    Hypothermia anyone?

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #6 Regret is best served cold

  • woodsie

    I'm just waiting for that one guy who posts about hating the chive and it being racist to say complain about there not being any black people or minorities in this….

  • batman

    winter wrap up?

  • SadeShadz

    #16 How do they do that ?? o.O *shivers*

  • tommytwotime

    I would totally do that if I was hammered, sober however I don't think I would be able to withstand the elements

    • 11th Airborne

      you’d become hypothermic much faster if you were hammered.

  • Chiveloverblahblah

    #15 put your top back on mom

  • Gallus


  • rick


  • Shirtless Grumpy Pants

    Goodness. Somebody buy these people a beer. And some pants.

  • Gilligan Fan

    Stupidest Post Ever

  • Dave

    And not a single penis was given that day

  • Franky

    I miss the guy that’s says everything is rasist… He would been all over these crazy honkies.

    • Chris

      White people be crazy

  • Fr2xedom

    Sun is overated

  • Justin

    KCCO should make a black military shirt, seeming how all Navy Flying personnel must wear black under our flight suits! Think about it!

  • wesley

    911 call waiting to happen. Not funny. But it is stupid enough to laugh at..

  • loui vito

    Chive please post this video!!!

  • Andrew


  • w00ten

    As a Canadian I can say that this is the kind of shit crazy people do in Canada… Silly Canadians, polar bear swims are for polar bears, not people.

  • Always Last


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