• thedude325

    The expression on the interviewers face when the guy says "I had a boat….but I named it cancer"

    • Common gayblade

      The expression on your face when he came in your mouth

      • thedude325

        Pretty fucking gay dude….pretty fucking gay

        • Common gayblade

          Exactly The point cause you are a cocksucker

  • faceies

    really hope they dont have that beep box

  • Daniel T


  • Scotty

    Is using an Apple computer supposed to be ironic in some kind of weird-assed, phoney hipster way? Fuck you and your Mac's.

  • Kingcole

    Somebody had a bad relationship with their PC… By somebody I mean Scotty.

  • Homer

    There is a great Simpsons clip of moe on a lie detector. Done years ago. This seems similar.

  • Bad_mojoh

    Fuck you Mac haters. Make a video with final cut the anything in the world on pc. Then spread your anti Mac Nuevo hipster irony all you want. Fucking brilliant clip. Ftw guys. Thanks for bringing us a grin.

  • D4M;G3Inc.

    Beeeep…. Beeeep….. Beeeep !!!!

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  • http://twitter.com/FLysLy9 @FLysLy9

    LMFAO!!! Def made my night.

  • PFry

    great. end of story.

    Thank you Chive. Thank you Dudes who "aren't gay."

  • Always Last


  • http://caliaircrew.com James

    Very funny.

  • etcrr

    Funny as HELL

    • derp

      your paid to be a joke who writes condisending shit..soooo u think that a time machine exists or a fast plane?

  • Bannon

    Why didn't it beep when he said "I gotta be honest with you, this interview is going really well."?

  • BlitheDisregard


  • no1ukno

    What would happen if he said "This lie detector is going to beep"? 😀

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