• http://guyism.com/author/colinjoliat TheFlintSkinny

    I wonder if he still drives his 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

    • Parker

      adblocker seems to block them 🙂

  • mike

    I hate these ads. Makes me log off thechive.com and not come back.

    • Scott

      I will not be seeing 21 jump street because of the add on every video

    • dipshitmcgee

      the chive is slowly going to shit,

  • Phandomscribbla

    a rave from 1998 called… they want thier dance moves back….

  • SJM

    I see he put on his best Hanes sweatpants for his video debut…

    • Randm

      Hey there fruit of the looms, thanks for watching though….lol

    • Prototype

      too bad its not a debut….

    • dubXtep

      Anyone who does liquid dancing knows that you have to wear loose pants. Otherwise, the effects are not as great.

  • stephanie

    Awesome as always Love u cuz do ur thing

  • Anon

    Technically, he IS made of about 70% water.

    • Saya

      Closer to 90% but nice try.

  • cheez wiz

    Those pants are comfy. Dope ass video! Best one yet.

  • Tim

    btw the original link is here

  • roman

    is there anymore to the video it cut off….

  • roman

    def would love to c more

  • griego

    an other track dubstep-ruined

    • Erndizzle007


  • Tim

    btw the original link is here

    • meathead71

      Thanks for the original link!!! As an old-skool breakdancing fan, I truly love this man's talent! I'm 41 years young and this stuff will never get old to me! 🙂

      • ColaChiver

        ^ Posted from mother's basement.

  • Mike

    the move at 2:14 is absolutely incredible haha

  • matt

    reminds me of napoleon dynomite

  • Ann

    Cool dance moves…but I was too distracted by size of his head maybe it was the hat.

  • panditbandit

    I saw him when I was on a Carnival cruise on the Dream back in June 2011. He was part of their break dance group, Fun Force.

  • dahable

    Hey gays ways up?

  • stoptheadschive

    reallly? with all the advertisments????? reALLLLY? FUCK OFF CHIVE!!!!

  • Jcliff

    I thought everyone's bodies were made of water…

  • exavan

    Three things:

    1. Cool animation, I want to see the wireframe.
    2. When he gets too old to do this, he could totally be Guido in a Super Mario movie.
    3. Never tell him where Sara Connor is.

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