Amazing 3D portraits made entirely of screws by Andrew Myers (13 Photos)

  • keith

    I would imagine those must be pretty fargin heavy

  • Shawny

    He sure does a lot of screwing

  • Dash

    No Bill F***ing Murray! I'm appalled!

  • MarthaJeane

    I'm impressed it only takes 2-3 days to make one. I would think getting the screws at the exact depth would be extremely time consuming.

    • Christina

      The 2-3 day thing is incorrect. It takes 4-6 months.

  • luckyB


  • Shaggy

    I gotta say #13 is my favorite. Its amazing to see all the different ways people can make a masterpiece

  • Clay


  • amazed

    I love stuff like this.. that's a really unique idea.. I'd buy one of those. Nice work

  • Jake

    Don’t like it… Too freaky.

  • Sweetness


  • steve nielsen

    Simply amazin!. I can really appreciate the time invested in these pieces.

  • Ball

    Screw paint!
    Very well done, better then most paintings I have seen.

  • The Stadium Guy...

    Just a lot of screwing around if you really think about it…..

  • Benjamin

    These belong in a MUSEUM damnit!!!

  • TVisyourGOD

    I feel sorry for Americans who dont know about the "robertson" screw, compared to the "Phillips" or "star-head" for you office workers out there, Its such a joke, the square head or robertson screw is FAR SUPERIOR to the phillips. And I'm sure many americans reading this who have never even seen or used one will have some rebuttal, that's okay. We know what you're like. Canada rules…

  • gaychiver

    Screw off you guys – I's NAIL the motherfucker!

  • john

    Typo: the pieces take 2 to 3 months, not days.

  • etcrr

    That's screwed up, but beautifully done, Man has some serious talent

    • etcrr's goat

      thumbs down coming, so I see a deleted post in your future….. homo

      • etcrr is a fag

        Still going down even though he has logged off to attempt to give himself thumbs up hahaha.

    • etcrr sucks

      what the fuck dude this is the same lame ass comment that you deleted off of the first page!!!! you really are a sad fucking piece of shit!!! go fuck yourself…

  • 11th Airborne


  • Wfa

    I think he may have a screw loose

  • N3MES1S420


  • Togo

    The pieces take 3 to 6 months not 3 days.

  • tLoko420

    This guy screws around too damn much!

  • gerardorock2u

    It looks like the next level of legos, wouldn't mind trying it.

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