Austrian man attempts to break highest altitude skydive (12 Photos + Video)

Austria's Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a space capsule from an altitude of approximately 71,580 feet as the Red Bull Stratos project moved forward into the manned flight stage in New Mexico. The 42-year-old rode the space capsule attached to a giant helium balloon above the so-called "Armstrong Line." Soon, Baumgartner will attempt to break the previous record of 102,800 feet held by Joseph Kittinger in 1960.

  • DSA

    I think that is Kittinger in #7

  • Csquaredapparel

    Dudes a nut!

  • Joe

    So what the hell happens to the capsule?

  • chicago

    I'm glad he survived and all, but I'd like to see how big of a crater he would've left if his 'shute didn't open…

    • nerdiot

      yeah man, if only terminal velocity didn't exist

  • mrjimmyos

    I got a bit worried when I read 'attempts' after this has happened

  • Ben

    Why isn’t there any footage of him actually jumping??? Or falling??

  • tmc102464

    That's like filming Evel Knievel's bike charging up the ramp, then all of a sudden STOPPING the camera, then cutting to a post-jump interview!

    Where's the damn drop?!?!

    Screwed on a Friday – and not in a good way….

  • Duffy

    Reminds me a bit of Star Trek where Kirk and Sulu were diving (or space dropping) into Vulcan atmosphere, obviously not as high but still incredible!!

  • THE Wanderer

    correct me if I'm wrong:

    Speeds up to 160 mph. or 844,800 feet/hour

    71000 feet in altitude.

    He's cracking a red bull 5 minutes after letting go

  • MattKL

    You could hear this man's balls clanking together even from way up there.

  • jonboy

    "And then he ate a poisoned leaf and died."

  • greenguy

    Yea well I hope Felix Baumgartner and Red bull the best of luck. Its nice seeing a corporations getting involved in this type of thing! government needs to step it up a notch.


    can i get #9 in HQ???

    • Advent

      i agree i want this as my wallpaper

  • krypto092108

    If that's the test jump, when do they do the full magilla? Gotta see that!

  • PeteVM

    Adamantium Testicles.

  • guy

    this would be great if it actually showed him falling… this is fucking retarted…. all they show is him going up and they cut out right when he jumps? fail.

    • Manuel

      they are holding back the pictures of the jump on purpose….the jump from, i think its going to be 37 km, is gonna be more awesome like that!!!!

  • 11th Airborne

    Fuck yeah, man! Im jealous. I would so fucking love to do that!
    (someone HAS to contact him to hold up a KCCO sign while he’s up there!)

  • OneBallJ

    Why would they show you the jump now? It will look exactly the same on the record attempt just higher. Other than the possibility of the chute not opening what would be the marketing value of something everyones already seen.

  • 0331

    In order to show the jump, someone has to jump with him. A plane or Helo would interfere with the free fall.

  • What? Who Me? No...

    Just pure Badass! Great quality Pics

  • Bustanut

    Great big balls

  • Batex

    I love Red Bull and what they do for sport! F@k these other stupid energy drink sponsors!

  • Rafiki

    wow no footage of the free fall wtf? Even in the 60s they mounted a camera on the dude

  • Dantegeek34

    Phenomenal courage on the part of both Kittinger and Baumgartner. I would love to do this myself as well.

  • DotsOfColor

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    “I think I can see my house from up here”

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