• CJ Garcia



    I would actually stop playing SKYRIM if battlefield sounded like this. pretty cool

    • http://Thechive.com Ryan

      Chill….don’t stop playing skyrim. Ever.

    • maraloc

      Battlefield 3 already has the best sound of any FPS ever made, I found this video pointless.


        Your comment is pointless we all know that games today have the best sound/graphics ever. the point of this video is what it would be like with the graphics of today and the old school sound.

  • sucka


    • socket2me

      STANDARD nerds !

  • Hector

    Random fact- I hate people that troll with the USAS-12

    • Will

      2500 usas kills with frags 🙂

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    <img src="http://bit.ly/xgE4aT"&gt;
    Fucking annoying beeps!

    – Fan testimonial: "I'll have to give props to Paula… It takes some obviously large ovaries to willingly put yourself out there like this on a daily basis. To be constantly called a c.unt and not give a damn. To let the hate of so many fuel your desire to voice your opinion, and Chive On from a cold kitchen counter."

    • http://togtfo.com Don

      Apparently Mediocrity makes this website…Mediocrity and Skanks lol

    • Richard

      It takes large ovaries to put yourself out giving crap to everyone IN THE INTERNET? Fuck off girl this is the internet, it would be different if you had the freakin ovaries to be like this in real life. Pussey.

  • bobbyjones

    Pwning and trolling butthurt noobs is fun! Using the MAV, EOD bot and USAS-12 is FUN ! Getting hatemail is FUN!

  • Zedhere

    If I didn't pass out from blowing in the cartridge, it'd be a fun game to play.

    • Lil John

      You should get out more often.

      • Zedhere

        I guess no one remembers that you had to blow into the old school NES cartridges to get it to work.

  • I-Need-$$

    One word……. AWESOME!

  • Jack_LeMac

    What about the other way around: 8-bit graphics with the modern BF3 sound?

  • Whoopi_G


  • IceColdBuddha

    Battlefield is so much better than COD

  • Skip

    Nintendo games have the best music. Most mega-man music sounds like Iron Maiden.

  • diegs

    I used to be a soldier just like u… but then i took an arrow in the knee! 😀 oh and cod is waaay better than battlefield!

  • iChiveOn

    COD is for kids. Battlefield is for the big boys.

    • Nick

      They're both crap. At least the latest ones are. Homefront is where it's at.

  • ricoriquette

    cod sucks

  • Matt

    cod feels like going back and playing some old mindless quake deathmatch now. i would never have believed what video games could be back in the 80's if you'd have told me. battlefield 3 is the best example of that so far

  • Stan is gay

    you suck

  • pudgetron

    why would you post this? anything remotely related to either cod or battlefield3 only serves to put the scum on the underside of the internet under a microscope. here's an idea for the whiny children: both games are fairly standard shooters following the same pattern as the other instalments in their respective franchises. nobody that you're arguing with is going to change their opinion of you, or your game any time soon. do your bitching on your forums where everybody else agrees with you, and leave us functional people the fuck out of it.

    • Black Krow

      Your bitching about people bitching… Go bitch elsewhere and leave us people that don't give a fuck alone.

    • Nick


  • Doucher

    Did that guy just blow up a tank with a blow torch? Realism ftw!

    • Guest

      No, he was trying to fix it but an enemy destroyed it before he was able to repair it.

  • Ciera


  • bob

    BF3 > COD


  • jon

    BF3 is Lagfiled3 or Battlefreeze 3. I stopped playing BF3 a long time ago due to all the lag, game freezes and controller lag. Dice are clueless on how to fix the lag issues. BF3 had alot of potential but Dice does not have the technology on how to fix the MP online gameplay issues.

  • What? Who Me? No...

    Nice! great Cover.

  • Alex

    If BF3 was on the NES it'd probably be hell of a lot better than the bullshit on PC

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