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  • WhoAmI?

    Yo, NES sucks! Trust me I used to be a fiend for the old school but putting some good quality gaming to some old school shit….not really feelin it. Jus sayin.

  • Whoamisucksballs

    Whoami stfu you little kid.

  • fuck you

    what the fuck man, this is the same dumb ass comment that you just deleted up above… you really are worried about your little bullshit rating huh? we all know it is fake as fuck you faggot!!

  • Carnoculus

    Brilliant? … Meh.

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  • saulticide

    LOL I wish that was the original sound track!

  • Tim

    Make this happen

  • D4M4G3 Inc.


  • tommytwotime

    this is so awesome!!!

  • Pandamonium72

    Pretty cool! Would definitely play it like this, would make a modern day shooter much more awesome.

  • S.Roy

    I want a soundpack like this for REAL!!!!

    TOO COOL!!

  • Haviland09

    Whoever was playing in the footage, doesn't spot. If you have a bad team on BF3 its 90% most likely because of bad spotting and not a lot of team play. Cool video through. KCCO

  • Always Last


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