Chive Everywhere (88 Photos)

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  • Jon Stewart

    #10 anybody else see that the girl's face resembles the troll face?? (left)

  • Tiom

    #84 impressive #75 MILF hottie

  • Jami

    Where was #78 taken at?

  • Rainmaker2112

    Awesome pictures Chivers & Chivettes! I’m on a mission to spread the KCCO message to the upper Pacific Northwest. A lot of people ask “what does Keep Calm & Chive On mean?”. I am converting them one human at a time!

    • DeepestBlue2

      I’m with you in the great Northwet… Chive on from Portland…

  • Arizona_Buck

    #18 could you pick a worse truck than the Ridgeline?

    • My Ridgeline

      Lets see, reliability of a Honda, great resale value, able to tow my boat, safe for my family, no lack of storage space, and not to mention one hell of a plate on the back. I think I could have done worse.

  • Big Mike

    #88 OMG !!! What a way to end this post. WOW !!!!

  • Edwardo

    numbah 48 is my fraind!!!!

  • Bitchimfunny

    #47. terry!! Lol you haven't learned to leave tilted kilt chicks alone yet?? Lol

    • Cornholio

      HAHA "Not all bunz are good bunz" – GM2 MENDEZ

    • @theterryburke

      i have no idea who you are

  • jhf60

    #28 — Looks like much work went into the making of this. Congratulations & great job.

  • M.

    #85 Bear Down!

  • docsully

    #60 aka Ryan you look like a total Douche Canoe! from your old command. Keep Calm and GTFO you douche!

  • http://thechive Robert lam

    I dont understand why every pics got bill murrey, I love the guy but whats the connection?????

  • http://thechive Robert lam

    I agree love the buns

  • danmac

    Oh jesus… it's Lloyd Christmas!

    Lloyd… You can't even see the vice president's face!
    Uhhh Harry, I took care of it!

  • http://theChive John. A-Team gpor crew

    88…..Find !!!

  • puckered

    #80…i’m sure she’s a sweetheart, but those are some ugly toes!!

  • Oxo

    More 88!!! Who is she????

  • sniffer_kid

    any chiver in barcelona ??????????

  • Dr. Evil

    You're right Mayer, The Chive is a horrible site. /Sarcasm

    Asshole …

    • Dr. Evil

      Also, it's awesome knowing that posts like this probably give Mayer an ulcer!

  • Mitch

    Number 56……………..who knew that Lloyd Christmas was a Chiver?!

  • Controversial

    is he really? I mean, he sees this is picture and BOOM! Diarrhea? Is that a result of his seizures?

    im a fan

  • Chiver215

    # 52, I missed the Cardboard classic this year cause my son was in surgery . I guess I will see u guys at MMRBQ!!!!!!! CHIVE ON!!!!

  • Alexis

    He Douched his KCCO shirt. I personally revoke his man card. #60

  • Stefanie

    #45 so happy to find a fellow chiver in hoboken you made my day!!

  • Chimosteve


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