Friday Dopamine Dump (39 Photos)

  • Dancing Steve

    #38 moar!

    • nottagecanada

      Please Model 4 us!!!

    • CaNaDaaa


    • Martin McFly

      so beautiful…

    • AdamBaldick

      Im glad that this comment was first..

    • remostussy

      miko sinz

  • akbrown006

    Kenny Fucking Powers. Boss.

    • TomatoTipper

      watch it, ass blood.

    • DRIZ


  • Zedhere

    • RY!

      thank you atleast thats not a fuckin repost of all things chive.

      • Dr. Evil

        It's like I keep saying, if I ever meet Vanilla Ice, I will GLADLY eat an assault charge and punch him in the face for what he did to this amazing song!

        • KCCO

          I listened to an interview with V.Ice the other day. He said that it was cheaper for him to BUY the song rights from Queen than pay out on the court settlement. He said he now receives all rights to that song each time it is played. Interesting bit of information.
          I am a Queen fan as well

  • Charlie


    • Chr1s

      Really . . . "A midst" and "restroed"???

      – Faith in public education still demolished

      • xPKx

        hahahaha, agreed

        • Grodon

          faithe in the gammer natzi restroed

          • Nick


            • dirtysteve99

              Faith in ability to recognize sarcasm sodomized and urinated on.

      • mtbdude

        Don't forget "Muslism"

        I'm guessing the person is dyslexic

    • Calm

      This happened in Egypt during their revolution last year. Amidst violent crackdowns and harrassment, this went on for weeks until the protests succeeded and the Egyptian president resigned.

      • @trustnoone73

        This good deed was punished the following October when the humanity came up against armour and was duly snuffed.

    • some bloke

      I think whats great is that the Muslisms (sic) would do the same for the Christians. Totally.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      132 people (so far) gave you a thumbs-up for correcting the spelling. Hmmm….

    • griego

      where did you see the christians?

  • dagleja3

    #30 – Do you mind if I take over?

    • PianoFingers

      "Rubbety-doo, rubbety-doo: Rubbety-Rah!!"

    • @jslemmons

      Is it weird that after watching this gif for 47min, I want to know what she's saying?

      • ST4VROS

        "I'm Olivia Wilde, welcome to the GQ comedy issue", but of course; it doesn't matter what's she's saying 😀

        • minamachina

          wow.. i interpreted that as i believe in you man.. im gonna eat you im gonna eat you… hahaha

      • who cares

        When she's lifting her left breast I'm pretty sure she says: "and this one is for you to come on"

    • SWCChopeful

      i can watch that all day and never get bored……. challenge (wait for it) accepted!



      • asashoryu

    • gerardorock2u

      I stared at this gif for a few minutes to try to figure out what she was saying, but i lose concentration the second i try to read her lips.

  • Dorque

    I can't figure out how #9 spells "fap".

    • DaddyD

      Slake Ceed is Irish for "beat your meat."

      • The Mule

        huh? should i have known that?

    • Jacob

      smoke weed?

      • Patty

        I don't know why that was so hard for me! Thanks Jacob, my brain was starting to hurt:-)

      • Biggus Diccus

        Fuck I thought it was shave feet, I should smoke less weed

        • AnotherAussie

          I got shave feet too, no stress

    • PvtDeth

      Smoke Beef?

  • Chester

    My big brown log is lumpy

  • RealZoo

    #2 (In Chris Tucker voice) Damnnnnnnn! #25 That's not right #30 This makes up for it.

    • JohnAtell

      TheChive wasn't making fun of people with Down Syndrome.

  • Ned Shidoinks

    A young Chuck Norris helps his sister out of the swing…..she was never seen again.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Except Chuck Norris never had a younger sibling because he punched a hole through his mother to escape when he was a fetus.

    • chnrrsscks

      Chuck Norris licks balls

    • Bored

      This is SUBURBIA!!!

    • nick

      is it just me, or does this kid look like a younger version of the man of the chive?

  • Ned_Plimpton


  • banana flapjacks

    i dont get #9 little help. i might just be to retarded

    • jean.

      hey hey hey.. smoke weed everyday.

    • corekshun

      Dude, maybe if you smoked less weed you'd be able to figure it out.

    • Zedhere

      Heyyyyeyah SMOKE WEED everyday…

    • EpicDumps

      Smoke weed

    • CJizzle

      smoke weed

    • Juan


    • DickFister

      Shave feet? Maybe this is Wheel of Fortune for hobbits?

      • john v.

        nice one!

    • Jimmyjames

      smoke weed… everyday

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      smoke weed

    • burns

      smoke weed

    • Mike Litoris


    • Butcher

      Slice Beef

      • MAC

        Smoke Beef…. female edition

    • Biggus Diccus

      Shave Feet

    • hereticdanj

      smoke weed

  • echogeo

    He was one of the luckiest guys on the planet when he was married to Rebecca Romijn. That distinction now belongs to Jerry O'Connell.

    • DDD

      "John Stamos , he was married to my favorite supermodel, Rebbeca Romijon Oconnell………….. Dude you lost your wife to the fat kid from Stand by me………." Greg Giraldo

    • Ned_Plimpton

      I'm sure he's crushed much hotter ass since…. And probably during.

  • mongoose5271

    #25 Have to admit…Iaughed.

    • Definitely Maybe

      I chuckled for a minute, then I felt awful. May or may not be going to hell.

      • mojo77

        Me too lol!

    • coop

      Then your a fucking moron.

      • Sixsix

        Not cool. I expect a little more class from the Chive than a shitty, middle-school taunt.

        • Yeah

          Why? Because "not cool" is so fucking sophisticated?

        • Chazz_B

          yeah, this is not nice…

      • mongoose5271

        I assume you meant "you are", in which case you should've typed "you're".

        Fucking moron…

      • Lisa


    • @MrShrugged

      So is this supposed to be Robert Downey Jr but with Down's Syndrome? And if so, wtf chive? I really hope the only reason this slipped through was because management was in Vegas. But even still, wtf?

    • Tre

      I wish I had the nads to be this horrible.

  • michaeler


    • eclipze


      • RCbit

        it's not danggg it's daum

  • hoovus

    #19 is all kinds of awesome

    • DDD

      Is that sir anthony hopkins driving??

    • mateo

      These two guys died at the Isle of Mann about three days after this was taken.

    • EvilRoySlade

      Side Hacking!! which one is Rommel?

      • Crow T

        Sidehackin' is one big bash

        The favorite sport of cheap white trash.

        When you're on your sidehack, make sure you don't slip

        You'll end up with five metal pins in your hip.

        Lean way back 'til you scrape your butt

        Make it look like a quarter-pound of ground chuck, yeah.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #28 Damn Kristin Wiig!!!

    • Matt

      She's got that really awesome attainable hot look that actually makes a guy think they have a chance.

    • driz

      are you sure? kirstin wiig? SORTA LOOKS LIKE… NOT…SURE.. THO..

    • Vitali

      hot, until she opens her mouth to say something, then you just want to kill her.

    • jhf60

      Sweetheart, you gonna eat that?

  • Del


    Writing chris isaaks lyrics on a wall, what a rebel….

  • nnn


  • DDD


    U mad bro?

    • Bazz

      Either that teacher has some of the worst handwriting ever, or this has obviously been written by a 10 year old.

  • coinbank

    #9 color me stupid but i dont get it…anyone want to explain?


      smoke weed

      • DaddyD


        • Sixsix

          Five stars if you immediately read this in Nate Dogg's baritone. RIP.

          • dustin buckles

            Im glad someone said that good sir

      • coinbank

        thanks, never would have gotten it

        • TitoRigatoni

          the fact that the little guy at the bottom is obviously smoking weed didn't help?

          • coinbank

            you would think it would have, wouldn't you…..but nope dumb as a stump today

          • chucknorrisisadouche


            • TitoRigatoni

              Yes. Obviously.

      • THC

        Would I be completely wrong if I thought it was "smoke geef"?

    • bryan

      smoke weed

    • Gallus

      I didn't get it, either. Now that I know what it means, I still don't get it.

  • Jared S

    #24 happens to me…once..twice a day
    #38 heeelllloooo! moar KCCO!

  • Edd

    There is no god , theyre all wasting their time…

  • rikooprate

    #28 Kristin Wigg is HOTT

    • shitfaced

      She is. So is the girl in the picture.

      • shane

        sorry if this is news to you but you, sir, are an idiot. that's kristin wigg in gq. might want to try reading the previous posts first. 😦

  • LucretiusCarus

    #2 Bitch be heavy.

    #13 Don't F with the ED 209.

  • Bodhi

    #6 Alright. If you were a chick, whose the one guy you would sleep with?

    • etcrr


    • Ned_Plimpton

      Obviously we know who you'd pick.

    • Big Straight Dude

      justin bateman

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