Friday Dopamine Dump (39 Photos)

  • ezhammer

    #25 that's fucked up

    • this guy


  • PianoFingers

    Smoke weed – ?

  • twavor

    #14 What the hell is it with Asians?!? #25 Anybody who laughed is going to hell….even me. That is sooo wrong.

    • Devin

      So you'd go to hell for laughing at #25, but not stereotyping an entire continent? I'm glad I don't believe in hell.

  • BostonChiver.

    #39 what winter? I haven't seen snow here all year. So, so sad.

  • Lyndoag

    soo if i laughed at #25, does that mean i'm going to hell?

    • Tim

      No. It just means you see the humor in this, and aren't brainwashed to think that every pic with a downs person in it is unacceptable.

  • GernBlansten

    #16 and these people might breed and vote

  • ponposessed

    RIP Scott Columbus

  • Ted

    #9 NAGGERS

    • Al Capone

      People who annoy you… awesome episode of south park

  • @Slackersavvy

    #21 always hover…you never know who sat down before you

    • Marcus

      Who is that?

      • guest

        dont know her name but i am pretty sure she was on an episode of one of the la, miami, or ny ink shows…

  • Edd

    "Dude, my asshole is like this big after all the dick i took last night………."

  • Choad

    #36 (sic) (sic) (sic) (sic) (sic) faith in humanity revoked.

    • Ken

      Could NOT agrree more! I don't care how may liberal thumbs down I get!

      • nukem

        Fuck the sand people,

  • In words o Ricky bobby dear baby Jesus laying in manger all 7lbs 6onces please have more of number 38

    Los Angeles california

  • Matt

    #25… really? You can't do better than that? WTF CHIVE…. FAIL.


    • Peter

      agreed. fuck you chive

    • wtfchive

      Agreed. This type of shit is unacceptable.

      • Tim

        What, posting a pic of someone with Downs? Whats wrong with that?
        I see them as equal, you obviously look at them with only pity. Sad really.

      • Tim

        Perhaps you can explain what you find offensive?
        Unless you find a picture of someone with downs offensive.

    • Relax Guy

      Amazingly hilarious.

      • Cr0daddy

        making fun of ppl w/ mental disabilities is not the clever humor the chive should be promoting. A lot like the "I do what I want gallery", this picture is lame.

  • amplidudes

    #12 is that blood on his nose `?

  • amplidudes

    #11 is that blood on his nose ?

  • Rooster

    Still believing in the Easter Bunny… lack of faith in humanity upheld again.

  • Adam

    #28….; I always knew she was hot but damn this pic she looks sexy! Quick survey! Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig?

    • BertoPop!

      Kriten Wiig!

    • ick

      Both! 3-way baby!

  • Thoresh

    #21, #30, 38

  • Evan

    #21, #21, #21, #21, #21 MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR

    • chicago


  • Ron

    #25 Really shit.

  • hobo w/ a shotgun

    You know for a site that posted:
    not all that long ago, #25 is pretty poor taste

    • John

      agreed…was surprised to see this one, disappointing Chive

    • Peter

      Really tasteless. Won't be coming here anymore.

      Fuck you.

      • ay jay

        well, yeah you will. but still… dammit chive…

      • Tim

        You guys obviously only look at a person with Downs as something to be pitied.

        Get over it, and start treating others equally.

    • Jimmy da Hat

      HEY all you pussy haters… get a fucking sense of humor! Life is too fuckin serious to be bitchin about this photo!

  • Connor Macmanus

    #21 Love me some Alysha Nett.

  • JayPenn

    #21 & #28 Enough said…

  • tawlker

    #21 Awesome. Who is that? I recognize her ink…

    • Connor Macmanus

      Alysha Nett

  • Mr. Cerveza

    #21 how girls fart in private

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