Friday Dopamine Dump (39 Photos)

  • Cat

    #3 can't believe Stefan Raab made it to theChive .. ROFL .. (PS.. he is the mod of the show)

  • Mr. Cerveza

    #36 is awesome if its true.

  • Mr. Cerveza

    #39 A perfect way art reflects emotions

  • Nick G

    #8 & #36 pure awesomeness

  • Lisa

    #25 I'm usually the least PC person ever, but this was kind of fucked up

    • Frank

      "No pics of downs people allowed ever. Unless it's a post to garner pity! Yay, I'm going to make the world a better place with my intolerance."

      Grow up, realize that the humor in this has nothing to do with making fun of Downs, and stop trying to create a world where you aren't allowed to practice free speech.

  • JWoods

    Really disappointed in #25. Shame on thechive.

  • El Jefe

    where is this from!

  • ATouchofInsanity

    #36 – This is how all Christians should behave! Misspelled words and everything, my faith in humanity is restored!


    #25 – Really, Chive? :-/ Not cool.

  • Jojoto


  • CharlieG_TX

    #22 he is smiling because you know a couple of them are groping him.

  • Amy

    #25….really, Chive? Not cool.

  • Bamer36

    #23 creepy as hell and #7 awesome

  • 413

    #36 too bad theres no way in hell the muslims would return the favor. And whats with the beard nets?

  • austin

    #21 when u gotta go you just gotta go. And what’s wrong with #25? Chive isn’t making fun of the handicap, just making fun of the other guy lol

  • asdf

    #36; that's cool…talk about love thy neighbor!

  • John

    Faith in spelling lost.

  • slippery pete

    thanks for the reposts, once is never enough, and in this case, neither is three or four….

  • Jason

    #9 ????

    • Jason

      Never mind

  • nanners

    #36 .. faith in your English teachers has diminished

  • TheAndy

    #28 2/10 Would NOT bang. There's too many conflicting things going on in that photo – you need to get your life together.

    • Mark

      That’s Kristen Wiig! The comedy Goddess from SNL!

    • Tim

      LOL, yeah I'll bet she'd be real torn up inside to know you wouldn't bang her. LOL. Like you had even the slightest chance.

  • fatgirlsgivegoodhead

    smoke weed

  • luckyB

    #28…my kinda girl

  • MAX

    #30 she says, “I’m Olivia Wild….welcome to the GQ comedy issue.” but it looks like, ” this one is mine…. And this one is for you to grab on to.”

  • daveh873

    #28 Go Giants! Funny, hot, and a fan? Sign me up.

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