Has your first date ever gotten hammered drunk? (1 info-graph)

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  • http://www.thechive.com Jared S

    interesting..all self proclaimed eh…well that could skew the results quite a bit…

  • Thomas

    All you americans can't keep up to a single canadian….bring us into the equation and we'll see

    • Lt Dans New Legs

      Canadians weren't included in this study because they didnt meet the criteria of having a college degree ๐Ÿ˜›

      • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

        I think that college thing is in direct connection to our ability to drink lots… just saying

      • Couvs

        actually I think the true reason Canadians weren't included is because our definition of heavy & light drinking depends on a higher concentration of alcohol in our beer ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Brutal Deluxe

          I think the real reason Canadians weren't included is because Canada won't be one of the United States until next Tuesday.

      • RJ

        You’re seriously comparing a USA education to a Canadian one? Well, I guess that proves my point right there… Never mind.

        • Terrance_

          Actually, I, being a Canadian, and having attended university in both Canada and the States (also having many friends that have done so) can easily say that Canadian Universities, on average, are more difficult than American. Key word here is ON AVERAGE. There are many incredible Universities in the States, but also many sub par ones. Canadian Universities all have a high standard. But the American school system could take a few pointers from the Canadian one. I know you enjoy having a stereotypical view of Canadians as some kind of inferior, stupid, culture. But education wise, you shouldn't talk too much. In fact, your ivy league universities are are around the same level as the average Canadian University. Do some research and stop buying into your stereotypes.

          • MylesofStyles

            You were doing great until the "are are" part, which invalidated your entire argument.

          • Steve

            Why must everyone take the Canadian/US bashing shit so seriously? Who honestly cares? I'm getting tired of facepalming every damn time I read the comments…

            KCCO people.

          • Cantaloupe

            On average based on your experience with a few universities? Do you know what average means?
            Let's return to ARWU, where the US dominates the list of top world universities. On your point about ivy league schools – every Ivy League school shows up before Canada gets an entry in at #27. The US has 19 schools ranked higher than Canada's highest ranked school. The US university above it is "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign" which no one in the US has heard of. Canada has a total of 4 entries in the top 100. The US has over half of the top 100. < This is just me shitting all over your attempt to talk up Canadian vs US universities. Do some research, stop buying into your own assumptions.
            I know Canadians like to get butthurt over US jokes, but it's like when we say Brits have bad teeth. It's a joke; KCCO.

          • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

            i stopped reading after "actually"

      • Jimmy da Hat

        Well Played Lt Dans New Legs… but as a RETORT (this means rebuttal… oh sorry let me rephrase… ) by population, Canadians on average has a minimum of a Bachelors degrees (51%) and 25% have a Masters or greater!
        As well, a college degree in Canada is consider to be a LESSER degree than University as it is mainly APPLIED activities… so it is completely understandable that ASS MONKEYS like yourself would not understand this! BUT THANKS FOR TRYING!

        • Sluttypanda

          Assuming you're Canadian, that rambling, incoherent mess was not very helpful in proving what you were trying to say…

          • Jimmy da Hat

            You must only have a highschool GED if you are incapable of understand that!

            • Someguy

              And you must have problems with gerunds

        • Cantaloupe

          A "college degree" in the US is a blanket term for everything from associate's to graduate – I'm not sure why you think Canada's terminology makes its education system better.

    • 579

      canada wasnt included because it sucks

      • Santa

        You should write a comeback book

    • Galway

      I'm embarrassed to have you as a fellow countryman.

    • Sarex

      All you Americans and Canadians, couldn't keep up with a single Middle/East European…

      • Codey


      • Cantaloupe

        Yes we could; we have black people, and they're fast.

    • tmc102464

      Come on, Thomas – You don't know what you're talking aBOOT!

      Take off, eh! You hoser…

      Good day!

      • 00000000

        I've lived in Canada for 23 years and haven't heard one person use the word hoser or pronounce about like aboot. It's amazing how close we are geographically to America yet you truly know nothing about us. Good day

        • tmc102464

          Easy, 00000000, easy…

          Just a little "Great White North" jesting…Are you 23? If you are, probably have never heard of SCTV, Bob and Doug McKenzie, the greatly underrated movie, "Canadian Bacon" * * *

          [the Mountie explains that Honey has been taken to the capital]
          Boomer (an American): The capital Toronto!
          RCMP Officer at Headquarters: No, the capital of Canada is Ottawa.
          Boomer: Yeah, right. Do we look that stupid? Ottawa – HA! Everyone know that the capital of Canada is Toronto!
          Roy Boy (another American): Yeah, nice try, Dudley Doright!

          Classic, deadpan humor – and playing the obnoxious American named Boomer was the late, great John Candy – a Canadian!

    • tasty_n_white

      Lets face it. Canada is like a loft apartment over a REALLY great party.

    • Sean

      Haha "we'll see", got it backwards eh?

    • http://www.thechve.com cuntrag

      isn't america and canada the same place??????? hahaha just kidding, take your fat little fingers off the thumbs down

      • Alpha0010

        Canada wasn't included because it is not part of the US. Problem solved. Go argue elsewhere.

        • derp

          canadia and merica having banter with eachother is so nice to see

  • Mike

    Like my friday nighr

  • etcrr

    Ex_wife fits this perfectly, educated and a drunk

    • Sleep_Salone

      I certainly understand her need for mass consumption.

    • etcrr sucks

      anyone married to you would need to stay drunk…

    • etcrr

      She is lucky you only drover her to drink, lucky shes not a heroin addict like you Stan

  • MKe

    You cant talk about heavy drinkers without including Milwaukee…

    • Jeff

      No other city has the name 'Brewtown'.

    • Jack_LeMac

      You weren't included because you're still being punished for unleashing "Milwaukee's Best" into the world

      • MKe

        Anyone who has been in college has purchased Milwaukee Best on numerous occasions, not to mention Pabst, Miller, and Blatz, and if your from Milwaukee, 20+ Micros brews….

    • Badgerfanz

      Yeah Wisconsin leads the Nation in drunk driving …………….and binge drinking what were they thinkin here???

      A Milwaukee cocktail = Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet

      Happy Friday Fish Fry!

    • Sluttypanda

      That's because they were including important cities with likable residents

      • 3rd Shift Says

        Milwaukee has some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. If it wasn't for Milwaukee, all you would have is Budweiser, and you want that crap all the time. Stop through Mil-town sometime and we'll show you how to drink!

    • Mke

      Milwaukee actually has as St. Practice day the weekend before st pattys day, just so everyone can get there livers ready.

      • Codey

        If you're from milwaukee you don't need to prep your liver

    • PK!


  • Mike

    Kcco from san francisco. Kuest37 likes balls in and around his mouth

    • Bored

      So do you, you fucking pile of gay.

    • OnehandJack

      He's from San Francisco, isn't that the norm?

  • Yes please


    No body cares about Canada

    • Newfie Chive

      Jealous that you can't out drink us, canadians can out drink americans and out of all canadians newfoundlands are the best drinkers, even better theen the germans…
      A Newfie, Canadian, Chiver, Heavy drinker.

      • Terrance_

        I have to agree with you on that one! I'm from Alberta/Saskatchewan (on the border) and lots of Newfies are moving out here. You guys can definitely hold your liquor.

      • From_The_Hip

        You'd get a good run from a cape Breton'r though ….. eh.

    • ratedgg13

      considering the number of hot chivette submits from canada over the last little while i think you need to choke on those words

  • ancientlegacy
  • tugger

    Haha fuck Pittsburgh. Sober sons of bitches. Philly > Pitt

    • Bored

      Hell > Philly > Pitt

    • RY!

      and just think…your only six super bowls down! =)

  • Imronbergundy?

    Boston baby!!!

    • _LG

      There is literally a liquor store (sorry…a "package store") on every corner here! Not sure if that's a sign of a LOT of colleges in the area or just a lot of drunk ass city-folk! I think the Boston stats are multiplied by 200 every St. Patty's day as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • LucretiusCarus

        Too true. There are two of them within a five minute walk of each other just on Rt. 9 right near work. Never hurts to have some healthy competition. Happy Evacuation Day (a day in advance)!

    • Bored

      Hell > Philly > Pitt > Boston

  • DickFister

    My first date puked in my lap. At the time I thought it was the wine. Now I'm questioning my hygiene.

  • OldCharlieHoss

    light drinkers are liars…and New Orleans not being on the list seems odd..maybe they are too busy eathing

    • face pooper

      eathing, need to look that up.

  • minamachina

    atheist female from the boston area.. hmm.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • naa

    You don't have Montana the drunk people are everywhere here… You Failed Chive

    • wyoming

      sorry Montana, you're in the same boat as this Wyoming-ite: not enough people to matter. More people live in the greater Devner area than my whole state plus half your state. but i agree, bring those city drunks up here and we'll show 'em how the real Rocky Mountain states drink!

    • MT Mouse

      I agree. They have not done their homework very well. Butte, Billings, and Missoula are all very heavy drinking towns. Butte and Billings consistently show up on the "Most drunk cities in America" list in the top 5.

  • logicyup

    Were people from Wisconsin too drunk to respond to the questions or something?

    • Jeff

      For real, they top the nation every year in drinking and drunk driving statistics.

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      Wisconsin stomps all in drinking. for good or bad those cheese heads drink way more then anyone else in the US

      • Jack_LeMac

        Having hung out with some Wisconsin-ites(?) over spring break I can confidently say that this is not true, but maybe it was just a bad sample

        • Cantaloupe

          You confidently say its not true, but may have had a bad sample – I just needed to repeat that to make sure it made no sense.

  • Adam

    How is Milwaukee not on this list?

  • kms

    They didn’t include canada in the study because we all know the heavy drinkers and on the east coast and in alberta because all the people from the east coast came here to work on the rigs

    • jeff

      Indeed, the further west you go in canada the weaker the drinkers with an exception of alberta, due to all thee newfoundlanders.

  • Rudy

    Alright Austin!!

  • Mike in LA

    How is not one Louisiana city on here… We have freaking drive through liquor stores.

    • jimbob

      doesnt everybody have drive thru liquor stores

    • meathead71

      Haha! I love this comment! I remember going to Mardi Gras back in '92 and having the "mother of god" face when I saw the drive through "hurricane" place that looked like a Rally's burger joint and thinking, "wow, we need this back in Cleveland!" ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jeff

      Spare Utah, the 7 states I've lived in all had drive-thru liquor stores.

      • Matt

        i think maybe he meant drive thru daiquiri places? those things are every where here in LA. you can get daiquiris as strong as you can handle em and all they do is put a little piece of masking tape on the lid to make it a "closed container". they even sell jell-o shots through the drive-thru for 35 cents each. God I love my state…….

  • Trav

    Come up to Canada and drink a real beer! Not that pansy Bud Light garbage. I drink regular Budweiser to sober up! Hit up some Molson or Kokanee. They will KILL you and that is the general stuff.

    • meathead71

      Ahhhhh….I remember vividly goin to Niagra when I was 19 and indulging in the Labatt's XXX way before it was available here in the States and thinking…."these Canadians seem to have their priorities straight!"….I think that Labatt may be the Budweiser of Canada? (correct me if I am wrong), but Molson is great stuff….Me thinks I need to investigate the other notable beers of our friends from the North…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • meathead71

        Oooooh, was that Molson XXX? I know there was a strong Labatt up there too…..I think….See how tore up I was? I can't remeber now! Hahaha

    • DDD

      Who fools around with beer, stick with good ol American Bourbon… Some Makers Mark, some Basil Hayden …………

    • scooter

      no thanks – america actually has the best and most diverse beer in the world because we adopt from all traditions: english, belgian, vienna, munich, dortmunder, scotland, ireland, etc.

    • Cantaloupe

      If your intent is to get drunk, why are you drinking beer?

    • thorthechiver

      not to continue the argument but why are we comparing mid level beers? Budweiser is good but it is neither the strongest nor the best tasting American beer out there. Just as i bet Molson or Kokanee is not the best Canadian. (and if it is Canada really does suck at making alcohol). seriously folks this is like a smartest kid with downs syndrome contest.

  • chris

    You know…I can see why atheist are the heaviest drinkers, since they believe when they die, they just fuckin die and that's it, which is pretty depressing, shit, I'd be a fucking crazy lush too if I was an atheist believing “what have I got to live for other than being fuckin worm food”… nope, I choose to be a regular lush and celebrate my religion…woo hoo, to an afterlife, Drink!

    • Del

      "Religion is based… mainly on fear…. fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if cruelty and religion have gone hand in hand…. My own view on Religion is that of Lucretius . I regard it as a disease born of fear and as a source of untold misery to the human race" Bertrand Russell

    • Lisa

      We atheists thank you for your totally necessary and not at all condescending pity. Poor godless me — gonna go drink now!

    • scooter

      actually, its because christians are perfectly comfortable lying to themselves, they do it all the time.

      so its easy for them to say "im not a heavy drinker" when they reek of scotch

  • TheHerb

    I'd have to guess that Wisconsin was left out on purpose because the color wouldn't be and shade of green… it would be black!

  • srsly!

    how the hell is Vegas a "light" drinking city?

    • Terry

      Think about it. This poll would be on people who actually LIVE in Vegas. The one's who drink and party all night are tourists and hence not part of "Las Vegas."

      • topher70

        Cause they asked about drinking habits, not meth.

  • JPC217

    I personally LOVE St. Patty's Dat!

    I've not seen you on here in a while, Ms. Gentile. I miss you greatly………

  • Bamer36

    Love me some beer

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