Has your first date ever gotten hammered drunk? (1 info-graph)

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  • Leinies Guy

    The entire state of Wisconsin should be dark green… anybody agree!!!

  • RoastBeef315

    Way to go DC, feels great to finish first!

  • INHOC841

    St. Louis is a drinkin' town with a baseball problem

  • King of the North

    You can't beat Boston when it comes to heavy drinking… you just can't

    • Joe

      We were dubbed “Drunkest City in the USA” not too long ago.

      A title I hold dear.

  • jimbob

    have you guys seen this one documentary called beer fest…us mericans showed you other worthless countries who was baus…who drinks beer anyway…get me some jameson

  • john

    As an irishman, who has had 24 st patricks day celebration in ireland i have not once heard it been called st. Pattys day. Its called st. Paddys for short because paddy is short for patrick or ……rant over

  • who cares

    Somebody needs to learn math again, the numbers don't add up in several places…

  • meathead71

    All of us Clevelanders (and surrounding suburbanites!) consider having a few beers, a few cocktails or a few glasses of wine EVERYDAY being a "light drinker"! It's only when you kill a twelve-pack on a daily basis that you are considered a heavy drinker…..That being said, I think I better chill out for a month or two….then get back to pounding some brews!!!!

  • Duluthdan

    I agree in Wisconsin if you pay a cab driver he will deliver booze to your house.

    • inmilwaukee

      It's pretty common to tip anybody with beer.. mailman, garbage men, food delivery, etc..

      Maybe that's the case in other places, i don't know

  • Mike

    Ludicrous. No Baton Rouge? No New Orleans? We start drinking before our age hits double digits. Moma said “pick something you are good at and try to be the best”. In La, it’s drinking.

  • http://twitter.com/hhll @hhll

    i live in tampa and this is bullshit – we're all drunks down here.

  • chicago

    I'd be glad to pick up the slack to make Chicago #1 Heavy-drinker

  • pigs r cute AND delicious

    I agree with the LA chiver, any state with drive-up margarita bars deserves a place on this list.

  • Jeff

    To this day in Wisconsin it is legal for a minor to drink at any bar or restaurant as long as their legal guardian or parent provides consent. I remember when I was 13 my dad buying me a beer at the Olive Garden outside of Milwaukee, haha.

  • MKE#1

    we weren't included because it wouldn't of been fair to any other city

  • Cavegilga

    ummmmm….. Here to represent the land of beer, cheese, brats and da Packers!!

  • James

    Sorry all but none of you have anything on the entire State of Wisconsin. Fact.
    Lewis Black Put it this way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WlwumGkSec

  • Lisa

    Haha YES, DC represent! I wish I were drunk right now…

  • Randazzle

    I've yet to experience Milwaukee sober. Blackout Beer Tours. The fucking baseball team is named after beer

  • ralph

    you have to be a drunk to live in the top 3, just can't figure out how philly is way down to #9

  • this guy

    chive has a dating site?

  • Travo36

    are you sure that d.c. is not supposed to be baltimore? trust me , everyone is hammered drunk!


    Las Vegas is NOT full of "light drinkers". The tourists maybe but us rebels know how to get shitty!

  • CanadianEh!!

    then there is Canada, 100% heavy drinkers

  • Rick

    your missing the state that is one of the top drinks the most per capa…. yeah ALASKA..

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