Has your first date ever gotten hammered drunk? (1 info-graph)

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  • squosh

    I've found another reason to find more atheists and agnostics. 😀 Show me the way to the next whiskey bar.^^

  • Josh

    How is New Orleans not in this list? We are 24/7 (even christmas day).

    -DJ Zealot – Bourbon Live

    Picture gallery provided soon

  • Jacob

    Milwaukee Wi ?? Hello? Only the heaviest drinking city since forever

  • Meatrocket

    I’d to think I probably put Longmont, CO on the map with the amount I consumed last night.

  • peter

    Yea I live in New Orleans too and we do get bourbon faced of shit street pretty often. Decatur too:D

  • peter

    on• not of haha

  • PRChiver

    How come the %'s dont add up to 100% 0.o

  • Shooter the Goonie

    Sure has… First couple dates actually. Nothing like the aroma of hot garbage rising up to your nostrils as you hold her hair back (always be a gentleman). She says that’s when she knew, Lol… Ironically, just celebrated our 1yr anny and welcomed a Valentine baby boy to this world. Drink on I say!

  • treyjo31

    no Louisiana cities on here?! your survey is invalid….that is all

  • Dickle

    We here in Omaha are very heavily intoxicated….Looks as if the 'Colder' cities have more "heavy" drinkers. ….Eh

  • holtight

    Enjoyed reading. I think that it’s also important to understand your first date’s early childhood experience(s) in evaluating his/her potential for developing successful/healthy dating relationship. Thanks for reading this.

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