I love St. Patrick’s Day (35 Photos)



  • kal

    Missouri S & T Best Ever. Glad they banned Alice though, a giant pit of filth doesn’t seem like it would be fun. Stop by the Phi Kapps house and have a paint can!

  • Kyle Kirby

    What just popped in there?!
    What did you do Ray?!

  • Dr. Evil

    #13 & #27
    Why must people ruin beer with crap like that?

    Pretty sure they're actually German but boobs so who cares!

  • Dr. Evil

    Who cares, boobs!

  • Dr. Evil

    To all the hot girls on this list, you have a little Irish in you? If not, I'm Irish, would you like some in you?

    Or in my case, some BIG Irish! 😉

  • AlbinoAaron

    I'll take a green waffle over a blue waffle any day.

  • IrishJew

    St Patrick and his stupid stories can fuck away off!

    • IrishWolfhound

      Aye, that fucking welshman is the worst thing that ever happened to this country.

  • Anonymous


    U of S Represent! Hahaha

  • D4M4G3 Inc.

    Can we post some Irish racks!!

  • Sundevil8181

    #32…on the right…that is tasty

  • Seanlcky13


  • voodoo57

    Happy st pattys day. I was out at a local bar yesterday and spotted a fellow chiver wearing a kcco shirt. I Immediately advised the bartender to put whatever drink he wants on my tab! His face lit up… chive on brother!

  • oerg

    where can i buy this shirt in the internet?

  • Tiberious2.0

    #1 meet #35

  • Always Last


  • Irishwolfhound

    #6 That aint Ireland idiots, looks like eastern europe.

  • Beeneverywhere

    #32 is nice – great boobs – but it’s a German beer garden.

    #2 is very wrong. It’s a 4 leaf clover NOT A SHAMROCK. 4 leaf clovers have no relation to Irish culture. Shamrocks, by definition, have only 3 LEAVES. The 3 leaves we’re adopted as a symbol as it was this humble plant that was used by St. Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity to the heathen population of Ireland while converting them to Christianity. 3 leaves = Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three apparently separate entities that centrally combine to form one thing; God.

    Also, all the garish, plastic Paddy green junk is looked down upon as a display of nailing ignorance.

    Finally, all the depictions of low-class American drunkenness are a pejorative to most native Irish. A number of studies have confirmed that the Irish, as a nation, have a lower per-capita consumption of alcohol than other European countries. To a very large number of Irish, St. Patrick’s day is a holy celebration for church and family. The drunkenness is insulting.

    And Americans wonder why they are held in such low regard by much of the world. What a shame.

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