It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (30 Photos)

  • truestory

    Find #6

  • Gallus

    I don't get #1. What is the photo bomb?

    • jon

      on the left, dry humping, also, who postds this, thats my home town and theres not that many people here!

      • Gallus

        Thanks. Even knowing, I still don't actually see it.

      • Headfade

        Fellow welsh chivers ftw!!

  • Keith_D

    Anyone know who #15 is?

    • safds

      I don't, but I wish I did.

      • Keith_D

        You’d be a lot cooler if you did, man 😀

    • MonkeyMadness

      His name is Timmy Wilson, age 5. He likes trips to the park and loves bacon.

      • Keith_D

        Very funny :p You know, I never even knew there was a kid in that picture at all until you pointed him out

  • Yo mama so fat...

    #22 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jacktli

    #1 Aber!

  • Jim

    #15…Um, yes please!

    • MonkeyMadness

      He's too young for you.

  • Anonymous

    #7 found waldo

  • http://thechive thunder cat

    #24 nice pic Simba

  • Brian

    #8 FIND HER!!

  • etcrr

    #7 there's Waldo You won now kiss!

    • etcrr's goat

      such a douche

  • Andrew

    Looking Awesome number 3.

  • Repeatoffender

    The Mexican kid in #8 blows dogs for quarters

  • Kingcole

    Wtf 28

  • Moar

    Find 15, make my year

  • Quag

    #16 Sittin on the toilet

  • Joe

    Good old Aberystwyth!!!

  • Dr. Evil


  • http://thechive bigboyseattle

    #16 that’s funny SHIT.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #22 Took me a while to see the dog

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