Locations around the world that go “green” for St. Paddy’s Day (13 HQ Photos)

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  • Pudge

    Happy Saint Patty's, Chivers 🙂

    • Paddy


    • Speaks

      It's Paddy's not Patty's!

      Paddy is short for the Irish version of the name Padraig(Patrick)
      Patty is a piece of meat you use for a burger.

      • http://www.alwaysbetter.co.uk Britter

        People calling it St. Patty's makes me rage more than it should too.

        Do they mean St. Hamburger's? St. Patricia's? Because 'Patty' is never short for Patrick. Pat is, so 'St. Pat's' is forgiveable, even if it is as annoying as hell. But never 'Patty'. Paddy, yes. Patty, no.

        • http://www.thechve.com cuntrag

          mmmm saint hamburgers day….. anyways, rage all you want, no one cares

    • cian

      pattys?? it was and shall always be PADDYS. paddy short for patrick, patty short for patricia!!

      • http://www.thechve.com cuntrag

        oh, because that makes sense… dickcheese

    • hippo

      I hate ignorant Americans calling it patty's, for the love of god please stop! We dont mind all ye Americans claiming to be Irish, like we are pretty awesome, but stop with the pattys.

      • http://www.thechve.com cuntrag

        happy St Patty's little ginger irishman

        • kyran78

          that comment says more about you than anyone else and yes you are indeed a "cunt-rag" charming individual you are.

  • tommy2X4

    I am surprised at the White House fountain.
    That tradition must have started during the Kennedy Administration.

  • Chuck Vanderloo


    Yeah! Obama's getting sh*tfaced for St. Pattys Day!

  • Ostin

    No Ireland? hmmmm

    • LucretiusCarus

      Yeah–because people in Ireland don't turn stupid shit green to celebrate the holiday.

      • Piaras

        No we turn green from all de gargle we drink

  • iguardo

    In Ireland nothing is dyed green. No green beers, no green rivers or fountains, just pints and pints of sweet delicious Guinness. Happy St Paddys people

    • lobacita

      That's because everything is already green.

      • iguardo

        Very true, but I was referring to the practices bars in North America partake in during St. Patricks Day compared to Ireland. I was in Ireland last year for St Paddys, saw one green beer during my 14 hours of drinking, and that was after a special request from a patron.

        • hippo

          The whole project of turning things green for st patricks day is actually an initiative by Tourism Ireland… perhaps the most successfully tourism campaign in the world has it cost 0euro and turns the eyes of the world on my lovely (broke) little country

      • its_forge

        It rains 260 days of the year there; as Jeanne Redpath once said on "A Prairie Home Companion," "It's mold."

    • CIN

      Wow, pretty weak Ireland..

  • Alexis

    Its like The Hulk fapped over our favourite monuments….

  • MrSpiffyTrousers

    As someone who's lived in and near Chicago for most of his life, I can tell you that that river in #1 isn't anything special for the holiday.

    It's ALWAYS been that filthy. 😛

    • pinky thumbs

      lol queer

    • nuccabay

      ya and your chicago filth is spilling over into MY great lake

  • Ru'

    #7 is the Bullring Shopping Centre; yes Selfridges have a unit there but it's not all theirs…

    • Cal1

      Yup, I mentioned that on another post

    • joe

      But on another note second time the bullring has been featured this week, chive on from a brummy!

    • SHUTUP

      no, this is just selfridges the rest of the shopping centre doesnt look like this, i should know i live down the road from it so keep your self righteous mouth shut

      • http://Chive Noyoushutup

        No its not all selfridges, selfridges just has a shop in there like that other dude said! And i should know cus i used towork there! U lose

        • SHUTUP

          that building what is in the picture is all selfridges the rest of the bull ring is not in that picture that is probably the reason you no longer work there, and before you say it no you havent moved on to a much better job

          • The Bacon Chronicles

            Who the hell cares? It looks like the big butthole alien from Starship Troopers.

      • anon

        no it's not

  • derp

    just because uve got a drone doesn't mean aliens exist who can keep u alive… only if u have a heart attack?…bit hush hush interweb harrassment wouldent u say…..

    • srsly!


  • Jessup

    Also it’s Paddy not Patty.

  • MattKL

    #1 #2 "If they can dye the river green one day out of the year, why can't they dye it blue the other days?"

    • pinky thumbs


    • 0331

      Damn It! Now I am going to trying to remember that movie all morning!

      • Anomanom

        Its "The Fugitive"

        • 0331


  • jim

    Hilarious that other countries around the world celebrate in style with green buildings and green rivers, yet us Irish don't even decorate our houses. In fact, we just fuck them up with cans of drink everywhere.

    • its_forge

      That sir is the ***RIGHT*** way to do it.

  • Bonjo89

    The one day the whole world "goes green"
    …and drinks a lot!

    I plan to have a Happy "Engineer Day" like I did when I was in the service
    (we'll see how many people get the reference)

    • AmBush_Steve

      Chimo or Arte & Marte?

  • Max_Power

    As an Irishman I never realised how globally celebrated st patrick's day was. #4 is pretty cool

    • Si1entStatic

      Except #6 seems a little far into anti-infidel land to find an Irishman.

      • its_forge

        There's a fuckton of hard-core Christians in the Middle East. The gorgeous Abu Dhabian software engineer here at work shows up here every year on Ash Wednesday with a smudge on her forehead.

    • Acksendar

      What a pity the current St Patrick's day "celebrations" were invented by Guiness as a marketing ploy to sell more of their shit, and it looks like plastic paddys everywhere bought into it.

  • Judy

    #4 – my home city.
    i love st paddy's day

    • Phil

      and what a city it is! Happy st paddy's day all

    • spennybig

      With only 5000 irish having emigrated to South Africa its amazing the length capetonians will go to for excessive booze, love it

  • Potato_Famine_LAD

    Come on, it's photoshop you idiot. The people of Pisa do not celebrate St. Patrick's.

  • derp

    chive get ready for some lobsided beats

  • Von

    What about Savannah, GA? Kickass time every year

  • http://twitter.com/seanwoyna @seanwoyna


    20248 State Line Rd
    Niles, MI 49120

    • shaunvw

      thank you, now i dont have to spend all morning on google earth trying to find it

      • Michael

        All morning? Michigan and Indiana don't have that much border. Then there are only 2 places where a river crosses that border. And only one of that places is right next to a park called "St. Patrick's County Park".
        It took me longer to write that comment than to find that place…
        Anyway, thanks for address Sean.

        • colin

          wow, St pats….the mecca for st joe stoners after school and umphrys concerts

          • Alpha0010

            I figured it would be near South Bend.

  • derp

    on my way to town soon if i get there late is that still time machine travel??? amp just wondering

  • ROAK

    I must have got excited when I got a KCCO shirt the first go around. Still have not shown up! Chive, y u no deliver

  • LucretiusCarus

    Happy Evacuation Day tomorrow, fellow Bostonians.

  • Scott

    Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Even the people who aren’t Irish and just think they need an excuse to drink even though they would drink on that day anyways.

  • Takingbackcider

    Please don't say "patty's day" it annoys us.

  • Chris Fernandez

    Patty patty patty patty get over it mr sensetive.

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