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By popular demand from our men and women serving in the armed forces, we bring you the Military KCCO shirt presale!

This presale is open to enlisted military personel (including officers😉, veterans and the friends and family of soldiers who may be deployed and don't have the means to order/receive the shirt. You DO NOT need a military ID to purchase this shirt, but if you are not currently serving, a veteran, or friends / family, please do not order this shirt until after the presale.

Since it is a presale we cannot sellout but you won't receive the shirt until Thursday March 29th-March 31st*


-100% cotton (not as thin as the traditional green KCCO)
-The KCCO logo has been lowered to allow for use under uniforms
-Updated badass KCCO military font
-The reversed flag is on the right sleeve by popular vote
-Additional items purchased with the KCCO shirt will not arrive until 3/29-3/31*
-Limit 10 shirts per order

*If the order is being sent anywhere outside the US, especially oversees, it could take an additional 1-3 weeks
* Don't worry, Canada, you're next

First-ever Military KCCO shirts AVAILABLE HERE.

  • USN

    Whoot got my confirmation email yesterday got today.

    Chive On!

  • Ryan Gentile

    I am pretty new to the site, been browsing just over a week now. I've been enlisted Air Force for over a year now, just wondering if there is any way to buy this shirt still (sand), would love to wear one with my uniform. I can only find it on ebay but not in my size. Thanks!

  • Less Concerned

    Got my shirts today! Whew. Only thing is, it clearly looks like the tags were cut off the neck (as in, they weren't tag-less shirts to begin with). Still going to rock it under my ACUs though.

    • Hardcoreyobo

      what do you think happened? My dad just got his shirts today, and they all have the tag left overs still attached to the shirt…

  • Marinessgt

    Got my shirt today. Will be rocking it on monday.

  • 1SG Salamander

    Link is inop. Any help/

    • Hugh Gepenus

      I got a non-functioning tracking number in my "shipped" email. Let's see if they show up soon….

      • Hugh Gepenus

        Shirts showed up yesterday. 7 days from email to my hands. Better slow than never!

  • infantry

    it was ordered a month ago and still has not shown up chive i am extremely dissapointed in you

  • f1lthy coastie

    Been rockin' mine under my CG ODUs since I got it! Thanks, guys! Can't wait to be able to get more!

  • Reilly Mealer

    Are you guys still selling these can you let me know…I really want to buy one

  • l0ptbuk

    Chive, When can I order mine (since I missed the pre-order)? I am getting ready to PCS to flight school soon and I would love to be able to KCCO from the pilots' seat!

  • Hare

    When's the next time to buy shirts?

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