Military KCCO Presale ends Friday at midnight! (7 Photos)

By popular demand from our men and women serving in the armed forces, we bring you the Military KCCO shirt presale!

This presale is open to enlisted military personel (including officers ;), veterans and the friends and family of soldiers who may be deployed and don't have the means to order/receive the shirt. You DO NOT need a military ID to purchase this shirt, but if you are not currently serving, a veteran, or friends / family, please do not order this shirt until after the presale.

Since it is a presale we cannot sellout but you won't receive the shirt until Thursday March 29th-March 31st*


-100% cotton (not as thin as the traditional green KCCO)
-The KCCO logo has been lowered to allow for use under uniforms
-Updated badass KCCO military font
-The reversed flag is on the right sleeve by popular vote
-Additional items purchased with the KCCO shirt will not arrive until 3/29-3/31*
-Limit 10 shirts per order

*If the order is being sent anywhere outside the US, especially oversees, it could take an additional 1-3 weeks
* Don't worry, Canada, you're next

First-ever Military KCCO shirts AVAILABLE HERE.

  • Tommy redbeard

    Boom! Got a sand for me a a sand for a buddy

  • awesome

    And so begins the greatest shitstorm of our time…

    Got one 🙂

  • SaMrEyE

    Thanks CHIVE I Got ONE from a OEF and OIF Army CableDawg VET GO ARMY!!!

    • JDF

      25 Quebec here…. Talk about us, but you cant talk without us.

      • SaMrEyE

        I'm not crazy I'm CABLE

  • mike

    I'm diggin the new font


  • weaksauce

    Chive you have been rockin the shirt production lately. Keep it up!!

  • Amanda

    Got one for my dad and one for my boyfriend, both AD Army. Can't wait!!

  • uber guy

    Updated font is badass


  • mattythegooch

    Navy for Mrs.Gooch!!

  • DarthChiver

    Looks like theChive is about to make a grip of cash…all for a GREAT cause though!


    • @iAmJakePowell

      A great cause would be to donate a portion of the proceeds to the USO…

      • DarthChiver

        That is a good idea. Another idea would be give an active duty Chiver some sort of welcome home party or something like that…

        Perhaps a mail order bride…

    • Bob

      What's the great cause? They're just t-shirts advertising a website, being sold to make money for the people who own the website.

  • canada

    thanks for the shout to us Canadians. I know my buddies have been sending you emails about our own shirts. Looking forward to those

    • Guest

      Sweet! I can get one for myself and one for my dad. he was in the CAF.

    • AmusingHat

      Sweet, eh? I hope we get a pre-sale too!

  • Jayson

    Got em coach!

  • DieLawn19k

    Chive you're the shit. Gonna rock this under my ACU's as soon as I get it. Gonna be my lucky gunnery shirt for sure.

  • Seth

    Got a sand and an olive for my roommate. Army vs Marines in this my house

    • Seth

      *In my house

    • MattKL

      Army all the way.

    • Bonjo89

      Marine Corps, Rah

  • HBK_83

    Got Me and a shipmate a Navy one apice. Chive on!

  • Yo

    Got a sand and military green.. They are calling the military green’s Olive on this page, hope they’re the same..

    • tony simmons

      Yep they're the same!

  • Hojonny

    Can't wait for the general public sale of these bad boys. Look awesome, and shows support for our troops. Win-win.

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      Yeah. I want one as well. I don't seem to have any luck getting any other kind of KCCO shirt.
      But these must be earned. And I do not qualify.

    • Bea

      Ehhh. I have several family and friends who are military. I bought shirts for them, but I will not purchase one for myself even after they go on sell to the general public. I wish the shirts were strictly for military only, but that's obviously impossible. I'll continue to support the troops, my country, and the chive, but with a regular KCCO shirt.


    • Really?

      Sadly the general public sale is going to be they typical Chive 25 shirt sale. People should buy them now when the Chive is ordering enough to cover the pre-sale instead of waiting for the public sale in which they'll miss out when they release 10 at a time every 3 months despite insane demand.

  • Justin

    I wanted to buy one for Nicole Sheridan (a Navy chivette who submitted a lot to you guys this past year) since she is in basic training for the Navy right now


    You didn't make KCCO military shirts for women, despite the fact that women are enlisted too

    • ish_master

      I'm quite sure that the women wear the same kind of shirt. I know that Army women do, anyhow. Just smaller sizes. (oh, there's women officers, too)

    • jasonsapunka

      I think the point is the ability to wear them under the uniform. I might be wrong, but is a women-styled shirt something that is worn under them?

      Maybe an extra small could be added if the girls don't fit into the smalls…

    • @mercalana

      I got the mens because (at least the Canadian women) wear the same shirts as the men under our cadpat…

    • Jenn

      We all wear the same shirts, at least in the USAF….girls usually wear smalls, sometimes a medium if they're a little um, bigger on top (= Got me and some of my work crew sand ones for under our ABUS!

    • Jen

      The Military does not make clothes specifically for woman. She should be used to generic men clothing sizes by now…. I know i am

      • Melhouse

        Used to it, doesn't mean we like it! Women are in the military, so it's about time the military got used to it. I've been wearing ill-fitting men's x-smalls for 7 years and I'm sick of it.

        Honestly, I would have liked one of these in a women's fit, like the other cute chive styles. I don't plan on wearing it under my uniform (I have to wear ASUs in my job), but I would like to wear it to bed!

    • Agnes

      I'm a Marine, we def don't have female specific anything in terms of undershirts and whatnot. A Small should be fine for this Sailor.

  • Happy Soldier

    Got mine in sand and white! Cant wait to rock the sand under my ACUs. Thanks Chive!!

  • EOD Guy

    Chive, I gotta say…probably from more than Military guy on here…Thank you for doing this! I will wear my Chive shirt with PRIDE under my cammies! Not that I have to say it but…you guys are the best.

    Stay safe,
    A Navy EOD guy

    • EOD Guy

      1 Military guy I meant to say!

      • EODwick

        Chive on from an AD Air Force EOD guy. Initial Success or Total Failure, brother

    • EODwick

      Chive on from an AD Air Force EOD guy. Initial Success or Total Failure

      • EOD Guy

        Amen to that! I hear the Schoolhouse is trying to change the motto. Pretty freaking lame if you ask me!

  • Keep Calm

    "if you are not currently serving, a veteran, or friends / family, please do not order this shirt until after the presale. "

    Lets hope this actually happens. Suddenly we'll see a mass amount on Ebay in a month or so, which is too bad.

    • formermarine

      people buy KCCO to appear cool, now they can appear to be military and get more free drinks at bars. i think there will be many pathetic fucktards buying these shirts that have never been AD military. but no point in losing sleep over it..

    • Aussie

      There are already unofficial shirts on eBay. Both military and your normal KCCO.

      Also Chive, how about an Australian one?

  • YEMX

    SEMPER FI O.D. Green

  • AFriedmann

    Oorah! Got one!

  • HBK_83

    Apiece. Stupid spelling. Lol

  • @Angelic_Daemon

    Semper Fi #2

    • MatticusDav

      Rahh! got one as well.

  • WallaB

    People best be being honest with this. It's for the military members.

    • YEMX

      I most are cause the site is not crashing like it does with all other orders.

    • dkassa

      you already know its every man for themselves.. you will see them on ebay soon

    • jasonsapunka

      Nothing says "I'm a DBAG" more than taking privileges set up for those who protect your country.

      • Ty-Ty

        Or maybe your just trying to show your support for those in the service

        • that_ALBANIAN_guy

          I got one for my brother. He's an Air Force veteran. I'm extremely tempted to get one for myself.
          But I digress.

          Maybe they'll be for sale to the general civilians soon.

          • Dulanski

            Struggled with that as well while ordering for my cousin… Pretty sure he would kick my nuts clean off of my body if he saw me taking advantage of the chive , so that keeps me honest!

            • TF2

              I so badly want to get one for myself….but I cant be a scumbag steve with something like this….it would haunt me.

    • SARmedic

      …and veterans like myself. I really wanted one but by the time I got to the check out page it was over $30 and unfortunately I can't justify spending that much on a t-shirt…no matter how awesome it is.

      I want one but can't afford it due to living on disability and having the spine of an old woman at 45. It's a worthwhile tradeoff knowing all the people that are walking around today that wouldn't be if I didn't do my job.

      Lets keep the purchasing honest people, nobody likes a poser…especially a military poser.

      SARmedic out.

      • Hugh

        Wish I'd seen this before now, I would've bought one for you.

        Chive, you've got my email address — if it can be done, let me know. "SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY" 🙂

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