The actors behind the cartoon voices (17 Photos)

You might be surprised to know just who voiced some of your favorite cartoon characters of all time….

Found via Reddit

  • zoxymusic

    WTF?? No Rob Paulsen??? He's Yakko Warner! He's Pinky!

  • tugger

    Jonathan Tatlor Thomas – Simba

  • dpitty

    A re post ? Le sigh. This is like when I see a picture posted in the DMA, only to see it posted again in DAR later that same day…. yet my pictures never get posted! ….the hell!?

  • jblack

    E.g. daily?

  • TurboCDN

    Holy recycled content Batman! You guys just posted this not too long ago.

  • Petree

    His name was Robert Paulson

  • justplaintravis

    #12 I didn't know Jonathan from Rugrats was ever actually shown

  • SadeShadz

    #13 Did a lot of male voices, wowz.
    #15 #16 SWEET!

  • @mayerjacoby

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    • Dr. Evil

      Again mayer, do you even bother to pay attention to the posts you post your self-righteous drivel in?

      • Dr. Evil

        Then again, some of the old Warner Brothers cartoons were racist, I guess that's what you have your panties in a bunch over.

        Ignoring that you can't take them out of the context and time they were made in. Then again, you're probably the type who will pitch a bitch fit if your kids are ever taught To Kill a Mockingbird.

        Oh that's right! Like you'll ever have kids … or sex for that matter!

  • slimorspades

    #13 Chuckie Finster is actually voiced Christine Cavanaugh… Nancy only did like 3 episodes

  • alex

    #17 for the win

  • Scott

    The sad part is you missed Starscream as a Tom Kenny voice… pathetic. You alos left out Frank Welker and Peter Cullen, probably two of the most well known voice actors in the world since the late 70's.

    • guest

      Tom is also the voice for the Ice King on Adventuretime

  • TheGman

    Two things:

    1. You've done this before.

    2. Where's Maurice LaMarche?

    • zoxymusic


  • Ryan

    Plus they're missing one of the best though… H. Jon Benjamin as Archer from Archer, Karl the Clerk from Family Guy and Bob from Bob's Burgers

  • Ted

    Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?

    • Dr. Evil

      Thumbs up for the Wayne's World reference!

  • chivechive

    Hey hey hey shut up. Sit back and enjoy thechive. Thechive does no wrong

  • tmc102464

    Man, NOBODY remembers Stan Freberg. Come on, I'm not THAT old…

  • Parrish

    #5 OTIS!!

  • RBodey

    What about Mark Hamill! Voices almost every villian in the Batman and Superman animated series.

  • Robtoad

    No hank azaria? Lame

  • Nick G

    and who's the awesome guy that do the voice of Ollie Williams of the blackie weather report?

    • Dr. Evil


  • Thisfuchinguy

    no john dimaggio? what the hell kind of half-assed list is this?

  • Caleb

    No Mike Judge – King of the Hill / Beavis and Butthead? Weak

  • George

    Fun feature, thank you.

  • Chester

    The fact that Frank Welker isn’t on here is a crime. His character sheet would be 10 times the size of these other people. boo

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