The actors behind the cartoon voices (17 Photos)

You might be surprised to know just who voiced some of your favorite cartoon characters of all time….

Found via Reddit

  • Long Goose

    #11, Kaiser’s sister!

  • Bob

    #15, #16, and #17 do not belong on this list among the legends until they voice something other than their own shows. There are a lot more deserving voice actors out there.

  • Don113

    Why no Kevin Conroy???

  • Osko

    Where's Hank Azaria? He would need his own post!

  • cliqueded

    It always freaks me out to think about how interconnected Futurama (to a lesser degree, Simpsons) and the old Nickelodeon cartoons are (Rugrats, Hey Arnold!). I swear, my life revolves around Billy West.

  • robocarnage

    where the hell is Phil LaMarr? He's like, every fucking voice ever since like 1999.

  • Gallus

    #3 – I remember when Mel Blanc died. Someone made a poster that had all his characters standing together with tears in their eyes. The caption was one word, "Silenced." I wish I had gotten one, but at the time I just couldn't look at it without tearing up.

    #6 – June Foray. Are you sure she did Rocket J. Squirel? I thought Ann Southern did Rocky.

  • Anonymous

    Uhh what about Tara strong? Shee is the one who really did bubbles.. And also Timmy turner, poof, Mushi Sanban, Numbuh 10, Sally Sanban, Almost the entire Ben 10 cast, Meg griffin (singing voice), Truffles.. Just look at her wiki its freaken insane

  • Max

    No Tara Strong?

  • J.K.

    #13 Maybe Nancy does Chucky now, or maybe it's just wrong, but Christine Cavanaugh did the original Chuckie Finster.

  • Ralph

    I like how they have the birth year and dash, as if they are waiting to be dead so they can be filled in.

  • Franklin1138

    Also missing from this list are Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer (the other 2/3 of all Simpsons mens voices), Casey Kasem (Shaggy, a bunch of Transformers from the old cartoon, and Robin from Super Friends/Justice League), Frank Welker (as Emik mentioned before), and Cam Clarke (who voiced Leonardo from TMNT, Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, and many more voices in cartoons and video games).

  • nastyevilbunny

    Nancy Cartwrighte doesn't do the voice of Chucky on Rugrats, that would be Christine Cavanaugh who also did the voice for Babe in the movie Babe, Dexter in Dexter's labority, and Oblina in Aaahh! real monsters among others

  • Matthew Thomas

    Cree Summer needs a graphic showing all her voice work: Penny from Inspector Gadget, Elmyra from Tiny Toons, Susie from Rugrats, Cleo from Clifford, Foxxy Love, etc.

  • vinoveritas

    I think it was, “speechless.”

  • Alexgm

    Mel Blanc and Billy West are tops in my book

  • ifonly

    Abbott and Costello cartoon (1966) Bud Abbott's voice done by …Bud Abbott (1895-1974)

  • ReynoldsEdgar

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  • revenanteye

    No Jeffery Combs?

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