Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

  • Name

    what are you guys doing posting cat Saturday? it's St Paddy's day get out there!

    • elunknown

      What are you doing commenting on cat Saturday? it's St Paddy's day get out there!

    • TomatoTipper


      • davey

        I always look forward to cat saturday. Fact.

        • Cheese

          You are a big pile of gay. Fact.

  • Mike Hunt

    This makes my day every saturday at work

    • etcrr's goat

      fuck off little bitch… allex

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #8 Oh, I bet that house smells great

    • oopieceac4ndy

      Definatly a creepy cat lady

      • etcrr's goat

        boo this man!!!! fill out my survey, did Allex have sexual relations with his dog? I'll give you a hint, Yes, yes he did.

    • Dawn

      Just because someone owns several cats doesn't mean their house smells! I'm sorry, but it annoys me when people assume your house smells because you own more than one cat. I also own several cats, and I always make sure my house is super clean and smells nice. The people who have smelly houses are the ones that are LAZY and don't clean!

      • etcrr's goat

        Yes it does, you are just used to the smell but others that enter smell it right away….

        • DanG


      • Dog

        Pewwwww! I can smell you from here Dawn!

    • AmbushAnnie

      House seems very tidy.. and I wouldn't mind the smell, so what?… everything smells… your house smells too… but you are used to it.

    • _maxPain_

      It's not just about the smell,,can't ever dress in dark clothings due to the cat's hair everywhere !

  • jdfish2279

    Im a Cat Saturday fan as well. Well done Mac. Well done.

  • bin

    #6 me last night

    • tin

      You were a cat last night?

  • @bdaley84

    Happy St. Patrick's Day all! KCCO

  • hilljunkie

    #7 Like a boss

    • Nefaarious

      Lazyness level: 'MERICAN

  • Andy Valentine

    #11 – I hate to be the bearer of boring news, but if mine are anything to go by, the answer is "sleep"

    • ChelseaRules

      That's not my cats. I can hear them running around the house like little morons. Sometimes I hear some kind of loud crash, but then the next morning everything is fine. I'm pretty sure my cats turn to people at night.

    • punkuhr

      That sure is not my cat!
      He runs around like a racehorse around the house, knocks EVERYTHING down that he can, pets and tries to eat my fiances hair while she sleeps, and bugs us to eat.

      Then, he sleeps from morning to evening…..

  • Colin

    I hate cats but I have to admit these are pretty funny.

  • @mizdictator

    Maybe I do wanna live on this planet… #10

    • Cosby Sweater

      Hey you're that hot girl. I want to marry you. I bet you smell terrific.

      • @mizdictator

        Hey you're that one guy who has professed to marry me and makes creepy comments, sometimes about my personal hygiene. Hello.

        • Cosby Sweater

          It's my job as a creep to make creepy comments. The internet needs people like me. Ok that's not really true. I'm harmless though. Hey we should totally get married!

          • @mizdictator

            You crack me up. But I'm not really interested in the whole getting married to a stranger on the Internet with the nickname Cosby Sweater. I'm too young and not desperate enough for that, sorry!

    • Firefighter23

      Great save, brothers.

  • Richard

    Happy St. Catrick's Day!

  • lori

    If you don’t like cats or complain about thread. DON’T LOOK AT IT! I for one love my kitties!

    • Allex

      stupid bitch

      Please take the time to fill out my surveys

      On september 11th 2001, would you have rather been on an aircraft or in the WTC?

      Please take the time to fill out my surveys



      • lakotta

        "YOU'RE" not YOUR… who's the dumb bitch now?

    • etcrr's goat

      fuck your cats…… except the one between your legs, unless you are a 400# bitch with like 10 fucking cats….

    • Gallus

      You are right, Lori, the haters are wrong. I'm a guy, and I love cats. There are several other guys at my health club who are built like linebackers – and happen to be cat people. You can bet the haters would be reluctant to mouth off to them about cats.


        your health club is full of flamers

  • Chris

    I don't get the whole cat thing. My wife has a cat. It craps all over my gym, sleeps all day, wakes me up at ungodly hours of the night, doesn't kill the mice in our basement (unless it's trying to kill it with fecal matter) and is just an overall pain in the ass. I'd put ketchup on her and put her out at night for the local coyote but i think somewhere deep down inside (really deep) i'd feel like shit about it for at least 3 seconds. Wife wins this round…

    • lakotta

      the cat knows who dislikes him/her… you get what you deserve and god help your wife that has to live with your pathetic ass.

      • Chris

        ha, how does that make me pathetic? these are thoughts, not actions you moron.

    • YayCats

      So you won't be asking for the cat in the divorce?

      • Chris

        married 15 years, been together 21… divorce? i agreed to let her get the cat. that's called compromise. it's the 3rd one since we've been married. "divorce guy" wouldn't have the cat in the first place. sorry buddy, my marriage isn't hinging on a cat…

        • YayCats

          You don't understand.

          The cats have agreed to let her continue to keep you.

          • about

            It's called compromise.

            • YayCats

              The cats are annoyed that he doesn't chase mice, though.

    • @McBeastie666

      your house is infested with mice….ha.

      • YayCats

        That's funny. If you see one mouse, there are 50 in the walls you can't see.

    • AmbushAnnie

      First, cat may need it's litterbox cleaning more often, or put a small extra one in the gym. Second, it could have a common urinary tract infection. Third, sounds like it is not spayed; they pee to "advertise".
      And no, not all cats are mousers…. usually outdoor cats are very predatory, whereas indoor cats just watch. You sound more tolerant than you let on…



    • Allex

      stupid bitch

      Please take the time to fill out my surveys

      On september 11th 2001, would you have rather been on an aircraft or in the WTC?

      Please take the time to fill out my surveys

    • lakotta

      that's ok… we hate you too!

      • lakotta is a bitch

        your a cunt bitch!!!

    • Gallus

      Tell me, what payback do you get from being so f*ckin' rude?

    • UnKnoWn

      this is the most stupid thing i have ever seen….
      either its all fake or this family needs some serious help…

    • _maxPain_


  • T

    Fuck u allex no one want to take your stupid survey so stop posting ass hole

  • Joepunlic

    Allex get a life

  • BloodScrubber

    #22 Even with green eyes, he is showing just how much he cares about St Patricks Day.

  • Kristine

    # 7 Please move the cat dish away from the litter box!!!! Gross!!!!!

    • etcrr's goat

      litter box is gross in general, fucking cats suck!

    • ZachBob


    • Dan

      if i could all id do is eat on the toilet, all day, its an awesome feeling. This cat knows how to live.

  • danbob

    #3 is my cat dexter, helping my fiance study. I’m so proud. Lol

    • punkuhr

      My cat is orange and we named him Dexter too!

  • mike hawk

    My cat Adolph kicks ass and would claw your stupid ugly face off.
    And then proceed to not give a fuck.

  • brooke

    #10 -where in michigan? either of these two single??

    • You're a

      desparate whore

  • about


    Synchronized sleeping.

    Future Olympic sport, takes hours of practice.

  • Turbodude

    Hey why does a bowl of Irish Bean Stew contain exactly 239 beans ?

    Because one more would make it TooFarty…hahahahahahahaha…ha

    • Gallus

      Uh-oh! I actually laughed at that.

    • Suits_me


      I'm Irish living here only the whole of my entire life…haven't come across Irish stew with beans in yet. 😉

    • Melkhiordarkblade

      I'm Irish and have been from one end of the country to the other, never once did anyone put beans in the stew.

  • Anonymous

    You guys should really call it Caturday. Srsly. No brainer.

  • jk

    when are you guys gunna cut the shit and name this post Caterday?

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