Future NASA concept designs (32 Photos)

  • etcrr

    next 50 years is going to be very interesting in flight and space travel. I hope they don't drop the ball

  • kevil

    that of course depends on whether they get enough funding for a ball in the first place.
    #3 please!!!!!

    • Jordan

      Yep… no disrespect to soldiers, but apparently America thinks war is a few billion times more important that technological progress.

  • Kodos

    NASA is nothing but a Muzzie outreach program now. Didn't The One tell you?

  • VolleyMav

    I'm pretty sure the ball is going to be carried by private companies from now on. It's almost sad to say, but the next mode of space travel will have "Red Bull" and "Virgin Galactic" stickers on them.

  • Ross

    New NASA is cool but I want the old one back! Remember when you were young and wanted to become an astronaut. Well you can chuck that dream out the window. One of the few things that Americans could be proud of was our space program. But because "he" says we need to spend more money on programs like Solair and the Chevy Volt we had abolish other programs.

  • Woods

    Ha, I worked on #8, #12, and #20, never thought I'd see them here!

  • Muadieb

    There are a few there that aren't NASA like #22 (JAXA is the Japanese Space Agency) and #24 (ICON is a new company building light sport aircraft). Still some awesome designs. It'd be nice to see a new reusable launch vehicle come from NASA, but it seems unlikely to be anytime soon from the looks of it.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #28 Normandy SR1 the early days haha! I love NASA but a lot of these designs are something a preschooler could come up with.

  • Nickincollege
    • Nickincollege

      Check this out.

    • Kalluri

      Those moose are HUGE. I dont think Ill ever sleep again after seeing those sprides eating the birds, they are the size of a dinner plate. And is #15 a tuna?

  • Johnny

    is #14 an example of a launch loop? or just another expensive rocket sled

  • Ivtizam

    Hey guys..First time I listened to your show. I had a good time.Great show. And you guys have one more lieetnsr in Israel!

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