• etcrr

    God Bless you Lance Cpl. Jason Hallett and your family, thank you for your sacrifices and your service to our country. I don't have a clue how frustrating it maybe for you. Hopefully you will progress and do well as you can hope to. Your imagination is your limitation Semper Fi. Ooo Rahh

  • mongoose5271

    Damn…all the best to you, Lance Cpl.

  • antitango

    Holy shit I have it good in life… Semper Fi, Marine.

  • Neil Brooks
  • meat42

    Semper Fi Brother. Thank you so fall you have done and will do.

  • PETE

    Chive/Brigade, get this HERO a F-N Chive shirt. While you guys are it, get him a couple of shirts. I'll even pay for it. Its the least I can do for this man! Thank you for your sacrifices.

  • Daryll

    My words fail me Marine! I feel anything I could say seems shallow. Godspeed, you are a hero!!

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