10 Facts you didn’t know about Star Wars (10 Photos)

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    The fuck is up with the automatic video ads?

  • therealmccoy

    most of these are just blatantly incorrect…

  • MonkeyMadness

    #6 Luke became his own father when Darth Vader told him to go fuck himself.

  • anthony r

    Don’t know how much of these are true but the post about the lime/lemon thing was a joke about things must be true since its on the internet. Apparently observedeez is a lil slow.

  • Aaron

    Apparently some are missing the joke that some Star Wars fans are hyper anal retentive when it comes to trivia about the Lucas franchise. Those arguing the validity of these “facts”, you are the joke. None of these “facts” are facts.

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    […] It’s possible you may know a few of these  10 Facts you didn’t know about Star Wars. […]

  • shnugs

    RAGE!!! Stomp, stomp "raaaghh". Someone at Chive office is gunna get nerd raped. :p

  • Doctor_What

    Lies, lies, lies… #10 for example. The studio? George Lucas IS the studio! The Star Wars films are independent films that are funded by the man himself.

  • Frank Mitchell

    Bitch bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine bitch whine star wars bitch bitch whine lucas bitch whine.

  • The_Fletch

    All Bullshit!

  • lindy919

    Hello dummies,
    they're all bullshit

  • GGth

    I'm pretty sure (without looking it up) that the first one is actually from Spaceballs the Movie.

    And yes, these are all BS

  • satan

    Wrong. "Luke. I am your father!" was never said. The line is actually "No. I am your father."

  • Stev
  • Anonymous

    I thought that the line spoken to the actors during Empire Filming was, “Luke, Obie Wan killed your father.”

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