Just the basics: PPT in high-res (31 HQ Photos)

  • bse35

    #10 Keely Hazell Hot Damn

  • http://hotchickswithwheels.com/just-the-basics-ppt-in-high-res-31-hq-photos/ Just the basics: PPT in high-res (31 HQ Photos) | hotchickswithwheels.com

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  • Muadieb

    #1 There's a video floating around of someone doing doughnuts in that stripped down viper. Pretty awesome clip. #3 That Keene Bell is hands down the best sound I've heard from an engine bay. #30 Because Olivia Wilde…

  • chames

    #7 looks like a monster. what is it?

  • http://www.lodvg85.webs.com Lod

    #10 hot ❤

  • Kosta

    #7 is a boat motor

  • carmasterr

    # 7 is that thing twin super- ánd turbocharged?
    #2 #4 V8 transplants

    • carmasterr


  • etcrr

    Big fan of #9 and #10

    • etcrr

      delete, delete, delete, delete

  • Sal

    NOT a boat motor small block chev I think but can't see the distributor in the back. Twin injected blowers stuffing the carberated turbos Crazy coo lhttp://thethrottle.thechive.com/2012/03/19/just-the-basics-ppt-in-high-res-31-hq-photos/ppt-03_20_12-920-25/

  • 98GPGPT

    liking #25 makes me wanna top swap my GT

  • mike


    What the hell is that. twin screws then a random ass monster carb in the front……oh and shit load of nitrous

  • Si1entStatic

    never mind I answered my own 2nd question. looks like a split intake manifold….

  • carmasterr


    That´s no Skylark!

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