Look down some Aimpoint scopes (36 Photos)

  • etcrr

    rip it up with ma deuce and a scope? wow that's a deadly combination

  • Felix

    I see a lot of swedish equipment here. Nice.

  • Citra

    Everyone seems to think switching the lever to the senocd tube is going to be slower and more difficult than reloading a mossberg. I gotta say the first time I practice will probaly not be my eighth shot in a fire fight. Regardless I’m pretty confident that the first time I try to switch to the senocd tube will be nearly twice as fast as reloading my 590. Sure kel tec is a relatively young company and I would never trade my glock for one of their pistols or opt for one of their 5.56 weapons over a more tested maker but I already sold my 590 in preparation for the ksg release and I have no reservations about it. A pump action shotgun is a blunt instrument. The massive diameter and non-uniform characteristics of various 12ga rounds can be problematic for box magazines and auto-loaders but the pump action is tried and true. There’s user error and there’s personal preference but brand loyalty aside I can see no reason the ksg should function any different or perform less reliably than a 590 or 870 and with practice you’ll be more effective given the undeniable advantages of greater magazine capacity and enhanced maneuverability. As for those saying a pistol is best for bump in the night confrontations, I do go to my pistol first but only because it’s my only firearm equipped with night sights and I’ve never qualified with less than 100% accuracy firing twice as fast as anyone else on the line. I fire 500 rounds a week through a 22 to stay sharp and have set up moving ranges on my property. If you’re not similarly confident in your pistol proficiency or dont have night sights use a shotgun.

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