So ya had a bad day (30 photos)

  • john

    pepper spray wouldnt hurt too bad

    • Adam

      Um…I've been sprayed by it before (I'm in the miitary, most of us have to get pepper sprayed for training) and it sucks. The burning feeling affects pretty much your entire face for a couple hours.

      • KeepinCalm

        Same here and yes it hurts like a bitch. Had a can explode in Somalia when a tire landed on it. John you might consider buying a can, setting up your video camera, and then spray yourself in the face on camera. When you can see clearly again (30 – 45 minutes), submit the video to Chive with your thoughts=/

        • mtpuckhead

          Please, please, please do this!!!!


      Ya it hurts like hell man

    • MylesofStyles

      I agree. I use pepper spray as an antiperspirant, and as a breath freshener. I also soak my underwear in it before putting them on, just to add a little spring in my step.

    • SmokeyMorgan

      Apparently, you have never been sprayed or you didn't get the full dose. The shower afterwards can be quite a shock too. Good times.

    • Panzerrat

      You think it doesn't hurt? Just go get it done to you, and report back.

    • Paul B.

      You do know that it's not the same stuff you sprinkle over your pizza, right? OC, the gift that keeps giving…

    • ParasiticDrag

      I would rather satan shit on my face than do that again.

  • FuckUSD

    so many cases of booze cruising gone wrong.

  • Seth_Michaels


    I'm so sick of this photo. They should have left the fatty there until he could get himself out!

    • Dman

      he's still stuck

    • TheFinale7

      Starve him he'll eventually thin out.

      • Bill

        Thank your for your support, I didn't know you did until I found you visited my, comment page. It may not matter to you but I voted up all of your posts thanks again – etcrr

    • ThatGuy


      So… how did he get in there?

      • thedude325


    • Schadeboy

      Way to support your fellow man. Good to know that if anyone needs help, you'll just walk on by.

      • ParasiticDrag

        I'll stop long enough for the photo opp.

    • Duke

      Ala Winnie the Pooh.

    • Casey

      Who does that guy even know here?

  • sdsooner



      Congratulations bud

  • Him.

    #17 Taking "Sun Drop" too literal.

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      serves her right for dancin like a dick

  • The Protector

    none shall pass

    • Underbaker

      If None can pass it I'm pretty sure anyone can.

  • echogeo

    As my kids would say, "What's that thing?"

    • Zedhere

      It's called a Co-Worker.

    • spydermonkey

      Only thing missing is the ashtray.

      • Don't be hatin

        And the whiskey

    • asdf

      The real torture would have been if that bottle of coke had no bottle opener to be honest.

  • @Coupas

    Can anyone else see the screaming face in the spray?

    • Mrs_Conejo


    • Master_Rahl

      didn't see it until I read this. Now, I can't look without seeing it.

    • JJJJ

      Haha, I didn't before and like Rahl said, it's all I can see now. For those that might not be able to see it, it's a profile of a screaming face with the mouth directly above the guy's body.

  • Anonymous

    God I love this Website.

  • Kong

    #20 Wendy's: Save your bitchassness.

    • Remco Bregman

      Like a boss!

  • Swamp1983

    #14 Just how in the hell did that happen?

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Looks like the road washed out and he didn't get the memo.

    • Underbaker

      Well one guy said "I betcha can't jump that" and the other one said "Hold my beer". (For those that don't know, if a red neck utters those 3 words, take cover but keep watching so you can correctly identify what happened for the police report)

      • Swamp1983

        the Chive needs to make a shirt that says "Hold My Beer and Watch This!!!"

        • Gallus

          I agree with the t-shirt, but all you need is, "Here, hold my beer." All else is implied.

  • Harleyxx

    #14 Well, there's your problem!

  • That's Racist!

    #25 "This isn't chicken broth! This isn't chicken broth at all!"

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Hey, did two girls bring by a cup of that stuff?

    • Z_b

      i prefair this reaction

      • JiNx

        When i saw her take out that big ass ladle i was like….this won;t end well….i couldn't stop lasting.

    • Marshall

      Here's the one that goes with the Gif if you haven't seen it:

      • @TAndrewarhol

        I want to be that guys frenn, frenn

  • Harleyxx

    #13 Sisters can be so evil.

    • Master_Rahl

      I dunno…. those outfits are kinda sexy

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      I can fap to that

    • Sister Mary Kathryn

      I beg to differ, these sisters are pretty frickin sexy.

  • Kec

    Chive……keep posting the same old shit in case we missed it the first few times.

    • The Richie

      Feel free to create your own website, get as many devoted daily visitors and show them how it's done. Or you could just stop your whining and realize they look through a few thousand pics a day and might forget which ones they selected.

    • ImpressMe

      Its called scrolling, Kec…..if you've seen the pic before just KEEP scrolling, see, its just that easy you whiny little bitch.

  • Kool-aid

    #29 "OH YEAHHH!!"

  • MarthaJeane

    #30 I think I'd have rather they just let me fall in. His ass is gonna be sore for a week.

  • echogeo

    Just remember. What goes around, comes around.

    • wrong?

      What goes around, comes in her shoes..

  • Harleyxx

    #25 Laughed my ass off!

    • Al Bondigas

      Thought he was going to be soo cool. I dare anyone to not laugh at this.

  • AllanA

    #13 #25 Laughed so hard in the office

  • LukeTheTerrible

    She thinks that's porn? She ain't seen porn.

  • warren

    #25 Fact- paprika burns when you blow it through your nose!

    • paulhitchcock

      Fact – That's cinnamon.

      • Mr. Vin

        Not to mention paprika is red, not light brown.

        • Greg

          That's racist.

  • ThatGuy


    So… how exactly did he get in there?

  • crazydog

    #5 if you take a lotus to a fucking pepboys, you deserve this….

    • techno_viking

      He deserves it for buying a Lotus in the first place…

    • The Richie

      I thought the same thing. In ground lift and hoses hanging from the wall=super professional shop that probably doesn't have the insurance to cover a screw up like that.

    • DemBone

      I was thinking this was Tire Kingdom…
      but I guess you could be correct about it being pepboys as well xD

  • KeepinCalm

    #2 Couldn't stop laugh, still laughing 😀

    • Gusto

      Someone's about to get their ass beat.

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