Then and now (31 Photos)

  • Quasimofo

    Well done.

  • etcrr

    Someone call me an ambulance. I slipped and fell in a puddle of my own tears.

    TheChive is too damn sexy

  • justsayin

    Well stolen

  • Kodos

    #6 #11
    Everybody seems to march down the Champs Elysses except the French

    • nemesis

      Yes. Except, y'know, the French Revolution, (whose ideals were the basis for the American Revolution even though the latter preceded the former). And of course, y'know, every Bastille Day since 1880. Oh yeah, and the parade on the 26th of August 1944.

      But apart from those numerous times among many mothers, yeah… you're right.

      • nemesis


      • TiminPhx

        Since the French Revolution was after the American one, you might want to look at a history book. Now if you want to argue that some French thinkers in the 1750s help set into motion both revolutions, your statement would have more merit.

        And as to the French marching there in 1944, it's only because they came along for the ride, along with the Americans, Brits, and Canucks. They were ALLOWED to enter first by Ike…

        • nemesis

          like I said. the "ideals were the basis for the American Revolution, even though the latter preceded the former".

          Ike was just a man. The movement of war is so much more than the petty desires of an individual.

          • topher

            My dead grandad could beat up your dead grandad!

        • dave

          And you might want to work on your reading comprehension 🙂

    • Kzo

      They do, every july 14th

    • Iggy Catalpa

      Old joke: Why do they make the streets so wide in Paris?
      Answer: So every 20 years the German army can march down them.

  • misanthropetb

    This is probably one of the coolest series of pictures I've ever seen.

  • vodkamartini

    #17 photo bomb level: Nazi

  • luckyB

    huge history and photography buff….this is awesome. thanks chive

  • jeff

    very well done, just wish there were captions to go along with the photos

  • Imyourhuckleberry

    That was cool

  • Lowrent75

    This post has always been a favorite. It is hard for people in the US to understand the amount of destruction that came during WWII. Awesome post!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, thank you. Please keep these type of posts coming!

  • Gallus

    #3, #6, #17 – I have had several Frenchmen sound off in my American face that the French refuse to be eternally grateful for their liberation during WW2. I invited them not to tell me, rather to tell the tens of thousands of Americans buried in French soil. I don't like the French much. I have found I get along with Germans much better – which still is not saying much.

    • nemesis

      Here we go…

      It wasn't *just* the Americans that brought the war to a close. There's no way on Earth that you can justify that claim. So please, let's nip this little tirade in the bud.

      • mises

        I don’t see him arguing that it was just Americans who liberated France during the war. Just that Americans participated and that France remains ungrateful.

        • nemesis

          Anthropomorphisation of arbitrary geopolitical lines in the sand might fly on your mainstream media websites and newspapers as a valid way of viewing the world, but to be sucked in by it as a definition for 65 million people and then regurgitate it as truth is worse than lazy.

          Perhaps there are some French people who are, as you so loosely define it, "ungrateful". Further still, perhaps there are more who are ignorant of the whole affair. Perhaps more who are understandably with mixed feelings about it and perhaps more who are genuinely thankful for the assistance which, we shouldn't forget, was not free.

          And of course, let's not forget the many ignorant Americans who know little of the country outside of the borders of their home state quite apart from the rest of the world, or how they should be "eternally grateful" for the assistance of the French Empire during the revolutionary war.

          In short, it's easy to generalize. Providing a thoughtful and insightful viewpoint is rarely achieved.

    • Dirtbag

      If France should be eternally grateful to us for WWII then shouldn’t we be eternally grateful for their support in the Revolutionary War? Seems to me that we were repaying a debt we owed them for helping us become a country. The US was not the only country that had a generation of men lost to war, we all played our parts and it was because of this that we came out victorious.

  • jkmcdermott

    #1 well done, Chive – nice to have our thoughts provoked every once in a while.

  • TheAndy

    Great album, Chive!

  • jobxus

    Well done

  • bsw

    incredible. coolest all around post I've seen on the chive.

  • Princess

    WOW! Coolest post I've seen in a while!

    A loyal chivette

  • cantreadgood

    france is gay

  • Pete

    Classy and educational. Good work Chive. Looks good along side the FLBP.

  • hawk

    Was it jus me r were half of those guys German

  • Greg

    filed under 'nobody gives a fuck'

  • poodermagoo

    FOR SALE – vintage French military rifle. Never fired. Only dropped once.

  • Nick

    On vacation in Berlin with my German wife at the time this was posted and love it want to see the same postwar with the Berlin wall involved

  • Chubby

    #17 scary

  • mondieu

    For sale, french rifle, never fired, only dropped once.

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