• The Pict

    My personal favorite is asking the PYT working at the drug store what sized tampons I should buy for my wife. Major fun telling her that she looks about the same size and asking what size she wears.

  • Not a fan

    Chive, y u post fake letter written by lame comedian

  • JT Mo-nay

    I usually do things like this in Wal-Mart just because. Like taking a bicycle horn and putting it in my sweatshirt, and then walking up behind people who are really into their shopping and scaring the shit out of them.

    Or turning all the radios in the electronics section to Polka, turning them all the way up real quick and then turning them off. (That one's what Sawyer would call a long con.)

  • Stevo

    Did anyone else notice that the ladies name is. Mrs. Murray? IS THE MAN IN THIS ARTICLE BILL?!?!?!

  • Suits_me

    if it's true, what a legend!

  • minervamink0903

    I would so take this guy shopping with me because I would be right there next to him doing the same thing…oh wait…I do date a guy that does these exact same things but more…

  • Master_Rahl

    The alarm clock thing and the dressing room stunt, both priceless. Agreed, he's my hero, too.

  • Again????

    I’ve seen this “real” letter for better than ten years now….. still not funny.

  • Beena Dorgan

    Wooohoooooo! 😀

  • Skip

    hhahahahaha! i love the one where he's darting around humming the mission impossible theme!

  • Billykid05

    I'm sorry but I found this gut wrentching funny, In the words of Bill Murray from the movie Stripes…."I wanna hang out with this Dude!"

  • Don

    Anyone who thinks this is true is just dumb. This one is almost as old as the internet.

  • This guy


  • Muffin

    My man usually farts in the aisle when he wants us to leave! It’s embarassing and rude he does it everytime even though I yell at him ( it’s effective though u guess but I wouldn’t recommend it) he is punished via no sex- u calculate if farting in a store u wanna leave is worth it

  • Don

    This guy is my hero.

  • Matt

    groan. I call BS.

  • Micke

    wow…welcome to the past, i remember this from 7 or 8 years ago in a chain email….

  • Shawn

    Yeah, the actions are from an old article that's apparently been around for 10 or so years, but it could be that someone read that article and acted out the list. If that is the case, well played sir.

  • Gallus

    This is all funny. Whether or not it is real remains a question. I have seen this list, too.

    I am lucky in this regard. My girlfriend does not like to shop. When she does have to shop, she goes with a list, goes into the store, gets what is on the list, and leaves. In the rare instance that she does want to shop for shoes or such, she wants to go alone. She sees it as time for herself. I am more than happy to agree.

  • HEATFan

    Yea this sounds fake, and if it is real this dude needs to grow up he’s got the mind of a 7 year old, and if you think this guy is cool or “you’re new found hero” then you probably got the mind of a 5 year old

  • jtpapiboune

    It would be incredible if his first name was Bill…

  • Loud@theClouds

    Haha Yea I knew a kid back in school that used to do stuff like that, he used to get beat up a lot too

  • etcrr

    This guy reminds me of the character Tom Hanks played in "Bachelor Party"

  • jp

    All that stuff is on an old ass list of ‘ things to do at Walmart when ur bored’

  • Mmmhmm

    @this guy
    Fake tits have silicone. Silicon is sand. Tits don’t feel like sand mr. 40yr old virgin.

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