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    Like a boss!

  • Firstandforemost
  • motofoxe

    They decided the meal on the flight sucked so they decided on drive thru.

  • Dakota

    what were the people driving the opposite direction were thinking? "oh i'm just landing my fucking airplane on the street"

    • danmac

      No, I bet they were thinking:
      "Holy shit! When did I drive onto the airport!?"

  • Rendell

    Yeah I think I can wait for my first engine failure, my heart almost stopped just sitting at the computer.

    GOOD job not being behind the aircraft!!

  • jamir

    fuck the wings lol…

    • KCJake

      That's what I'm thinking. If I'm on the ground, stopping, and safe, I don't give a shit if I dent a wing on a light pole.

  • Kyle (PPL)

    Great job keeping a cool head, no distress call needed! (but not really enough time anyway)

  • moogle

    Planes don't just drop out of the sky because the engine stops. They can glide to safety, it's really not that big of a deal.

    • Ben

      It is quite a big deal if there's not a decent landing area within gliding range. An engine failure at that height over a built up area doesn't leave you a lot of options.

    • crimpmaster

      you are an idiot

  • Ben

    Try more fuel next time

  • danmac

    "Watchthewing WATCHTHEWING!"

    Ummmm… I just landed on a two-lane highway. Don't scream at me now.

  • Brian

    Did that guy say "sorry" at the end? After gliding that thing in?

  • BigBallen

    That is the definition of "Keep Calm"!

  • AmusingHat

    Keep Calm and Glide On.

  • Charles

    wonder wut it looked like from the road

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap!!!!!

  • Kcco

    Awesome. That's exactly what we get trained to deal with. Great job!

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