• Winto

    Awwe what a keeper do you have to remind her how to breathe too!

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  • kira

    ………….o………m……..f……….g………u cant b serious…..this video makes me ashamed 2 b a woman -.-"

  • duh


  • Bill

    This guy needs to stop using his phone/camera while driving

  • Hannah

    This is offensive on so many levels. I am a woman and knew the answer in 1 sec. I am anything but a science and math geek. This has nothing to do with “women.” this is one woman who had a moment of getting stumped on something. It happens to the best and smartest of human beings.

    But, wow, to have your parter not only risk your life by filming while driving, he also made sure that he filmed his own smirky facial expressions THEN POSTED IT! That’s low dude. Not really something partners do to one another….

    • Adam

      Oh shutup! This video doesn’t insinuate that all women are dumb.. Just this one! About this subject! And then you go on and on about filming in a car? You missed the point altogether and changed the subject because you feel offended as a woman.
      Get over yourself.
      However, posting this of your girlfriend is pretty low. I’d have to admit. Who knows. They probably broke up because who could marry someone that dumb, and then posted it.
      This video was hilarious..

      • Hannah

        The only reason I made the mention about women as opposed to one woman is because of how he chose to title it “womens-logic-redefining-thousands-of-years-of-science” I don’t need to get over myself at all. : )

        And yes, I’d be very surprised if these two stayed together.

        • DLS

          Yeah Hannah, that guy seems like a dick. He probably needed to marry someone dumb just to feel good about himself. I bet he walks around all day with that snarky expression, making her feel stupid on purpose to validate himself.

          Anyway, you're right about the title. He didn't say "a woman's logic" he said "women's logic". This encouraged people to post about how stupid women are. That isn't fair. This guy is a complete douche, and extremely arrogant.

  • Rob

    This film is brilliant.

  • scary69

    her mouth should only be used for one thing and one thing only BJ

  • Scott

    It is EPIC STUPIDITY like this where blonde jokes come from. How does this straw for brains bimbo get through her day being this retaded?

  • Navybabe

    Am I the only one who's not fully convinced this was staged!?

  • Funny

    From this video alone, if she went into porn she would be an instant success. She can talk about this as she is getting railed.

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  • http://facebook.com Kayla brantley

    Well honestly this whole thing is over rated. He is undesirable and she.. Well we all should understand the circumstances. They make a good couple. They have a lot in common.

  • OddJobb

    Damn, the girl maybe dumb, but that husband is a dick. Are they divorced yet??

  • Maggie

    Hate to say it, but, she looks the type! Bimbo!

  • jess

    so this is the type of girl you fuck bare back and tell her to do jumping jacks after so she wont get pregnant lmao. But to be on the safe side she should just swallow. lol keep calm and chive on from Canada

  • Drew

    I just read 20 comments and not 1 blonde joke…. This is sad, I blame her father for not explaining this to her while her brain was still absorbing knowledge. Oh well too late now. Good job guy, you've got her FO LIFE!

  • LOL

    Kill it before it lays eggs!

  • Lincoln

    Now the next BIG question is does chocolate milk come from a chocolate cow???

  • RTR-Live

    Cmon guys don't you see she wants to calculate like a boss. The mph standard is making us lazy. We should instead figure out how many times our tires rotate in a mile ,then whack it in half, then throw some guesstimating in there and boom! 56 mins… Oh an hour?… Close enough.

  • hah

    She must have started blowing her teachers for grades in elementary school.

  • Anonymous

    are you serious? is this a joke?

  • Gavin.A

    This is a fake video, this is fucking retarded

  • Trogdor

    Why the fuck would someone wife this shit?

  • ChristophersonofGray

    I read the first page of comments and all I can say but no one else said it…he.is.driving. WTF!

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