• zzzzz

    then he ran away like a bitch…

  • john

    First, kkco

    • beru


    • FailFailFail

      Yo dawg, we heard you liked failing..

    • StaticFX

      2 fails for the price of one.


      • fignewton

        trolled, trolled and trolled

  • etcrr

    this is the gorilla I want the most

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  • Traylor

    The first documented African hit and run.

    • Mikeyd

      Wow, even your name exudes white trash.

  • cookzone

    The gorilla heard that they like smoking grass. He was just helping.

  • Mike

    This may be the asshole gorilla at the LA county zoo… One day doing research I was at the zoo on a very slow Tuesday, off season, the park was virtually empty except for a few scattered people. As I approached the gorilla pen, this large silver back sees me, and being 6'8" 295lbs he didn't like me at all… As I stared at him, he reached down pulled up grass and threw it at me and then ran off…. Bastard!

    • Womp

      Cool story bro

      • Nilbog

        Brool Story Co.

        • she's a witch

          nilbog…..its goblin spelled backwards!!

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  • Lisa

    If I was trapped in a cage my whole life I'd throw shit too. They're lucky it was just grass he threw at them

  • the real etcrr

    I had sex with that gorilla…… but only until it turned 18, then it was too old for my 60 year old nuts..

  • http://thechive thunder cat

    Yankee looking for a pitcher

  • Matthew

    At least it wasn't poo….

  • 8track technology

    Drive by…… gorilla style

  • mr.ocean

    like a boss

  • Always Last


  • Crisbot

    not last. i have watched this too many times and still makes me laugh

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