Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Davesta

    #37- SCHWING!

  • asshat

    #37 you are just plain beautiful, there is no need to be gentle
    #44 i can't blame you for smiling into your phone, i can't stop smiling at your picture, i love your body and your confidence

    • asshat

      oh and ms #37 you lip bite is infectious

  • frank

    #30 I thought that dot was on my screen

    #31 Have her back

  • Fogetaboutet

    Chive..contact #37 and make her a chivette of the week..now..or I will find you and take over your job.

  • Millerlight763


  • HailTheBison

    #26 Dat photobomb

  • kris

    #39….To be honest, I was in the Chivettes a couple times and the response was not kind. That is why we're not sure if you'll be gentle. There are a lot of people out there who are hell bent on bringing anybody down. I stopped submitting, not because I was discouraged, but because I realized that no matter what anybody does, for every 20 amazing comments, the 1 bad comment can really ruin your day. People can be really mean. That's my two cents

    • White15

      Never EVER let the 1% bring you down. No matter what you do there is always ALWAYS going to be the few negative a holes that will have something negative to say so they can feel good about their miserable existence. No matter what you do remember that and know when to filter negative people out. That's pretty much the Chive way isn't it? Not everybody who browses TheChive is really a Chiver are they? Most are and that's good enough to make it 'probably' the best site in the world

  • SaintSinner6LO

    need more of #31

  • thedon

    dear 37, holy crapsticks you are hot. I think my monitor has a burn mark on it the shape of your tush.

    for real!

  • Mr. Los

    More sweater girl!

  • bdg

    #31 we're gonna need you to take off the jacket for comparison!!! This may take a while!!

  • Julius419

    She’s a cubs fan!!! I’m in love

  • Thumbs up

    #41 Look at all the fucks I give.

  • https://www.facebook.com/samuelasquires Sam Squires

    #41 You can't explain that…

  • Andy

    #31 MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny

    Lookin' good cowgirl!!!

  • Dan

    # 34 & 35 Sameface!

  • Austin

    #31 So now that we've established you have rockin tits…you wanna send in moar for us chivers?

  • shyup

    #44 Ellie Gonsalves

    the twitter will confirm

  • Robert r

    #7 should include #8. Mmmm

  • Ash

    #2. must be talking about big mac meals a day. TRUE STORY.

  • MTL Chivin'

    #49. Glad they are living well and happy, good people deserve great things.

  • PistolPete

    #37 Making the DAR from Wyoming means you're probably the hottest girl of any state per capita. Nice work ha REPRESENT

  • BadManPajama

    #26 Despite the awesome shirt in the background, please don't ever post a picture like this again

  • joshmazurkiewicz


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