Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Big Macintosh

    #39, think about it. first time? virgin chivettes? its more than likely a cherry-popping reference

  • Gallus

    #50 – Great story, great up date. Congrats! Live long and prosper.

    #37 – Why be gentle? I can be very blunt – you are lovely. I look forward to your future sumbissions.

    #34, #35 – She likes sweaters. I like *her*. I like her very much.

    Do I get #10? Is that supposed to be the carnivorous plant from "The Little Shop of Horrors?"

  • Flyboy

    #20 is (I believe) Sarah Blackwood. She has a beautiful voice.

    Seen here.. .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9NF2edxy-M

  • squigeebo

    ok, so not trying to be an ahole here, but i've had cancer 3 times and have never used this to get anything. why does everyone who has had cancer feels like they're special or should be treated differently. there are also way more cancers than boobie cancer why do they get all the press.

  • http://twitter.com/chad_dunning @chad_dunning

    #34 & #35 Smile!!! Everything's gonna be alright…

  • WY Chiver

    #37 it seems I am not the only Chiver in Wyoming! You are quite stunning!

  • Shan h

    How come such beautiful chivettes exist, but are out of reach. Still havent met a single
    Chiver at FIU

  • Shortfatkid41

    #37 is gorgeous. I lived in Wy growing up and I don't remember anyone looking like that. Goodness gracious. More would be good

  • KO8E24

    #49 #50
    Thats freakin awesome. KCCO πŸ˜‰

  • guest

    #50 The power of the Chive! Congrats!

  • pedobear

    #44 so fucking hot

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    #20 Awesome!
    #50 Congratulations! πŸ™‚

    • Ece

      RE: barefoot cedlirhn? inoperative vehicles? heck you do not have to leave Seattle too far. I suggest looking in South Park, White Center, Burien, and numerous areas in Kent, Renton, and Federal Way. North Seattle is ripe as well as various areas off Delridge in West Seattle.Save yourself the gas on going to Mason! What you seek is right here in King!

  • Anonymous

    #10 is from super Mario brothers dude!

    And the girls bf wanted to make a shitty year turn into the best year for his suffering gf. The media didn’t just give them a crazy wedding. He just a cool dude.

  • Gibby

    Cubs suck!
    Go Cards.

  • Tim

    #37 r u from pine bluffs?

  • Anonymous

    #44 Wow. Find her!

  • Tomb Guard 588

    #37 keep reppin the Dub Y O! You’re doing a great job. Must be from Casper… πŸ˜‰

  • poop

    minecraft IRL

    • Key

      Under God makes it really hard for ppleoe who dont believe in God, or the name at least, to say the pledge whole heartedly. You are pledging alegance to the flag, not the christian God, i think the “patrio” above makes a really good point. so does beltes

  • stumeister

    #44 Who is she……….? She is no joke

  • InitechEmployee

    More #31

  • Payam

    #44 found her or I find it by my self

    • john

      #44 who is she…so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    #44 bangin body moar pleaseeee!!!

  • jay

    in love with 31 woo hoo

  • Always Last


  • Juliano

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