Jessica Nigri is using the Twitter machine properly (33 Photos)

Jessica Nigri exploded on the cosplay scene in 2009 with a Pikachu costume for the books, but since then she's proved to be one of the most creative cosplayers out there. Jessica is very active on Twitter so stop by and say hello right here.

Jessica’s Twitter Page.

  • Joshua

    Seriously you don’t need to be so gorgeous….all at once! Very creative! It seems as though you just might have the perfect personality for what you do…..its all in your smile. Believe me, it has nothing to do with your amazing looks;-)

  • Guest

    I think im in love, that being said, my crazy radar is through the roof

  • BostonChiver.

    #12 Wow, so damn gorgeous.

  • jim

    this girl is a complete wack job. Hey look at me I'm the hottest girl at a ridiculous Cosplay convention

    • @mayerjacoby


  • Shhadeh

    close enough, but Enji FTW 😀

  • mayorjacoby

    What I meant to say in my previous post is…
    1)You are not attractive. YOU ARE TOO DAMN SEXY!
    2)I understand your use and many other peoples use of twitter as a marketing tactic to further your ambitions. Good on you sexy chivette.
    3)Keep the surname. Use it proudly. Hell if Tom Cruise can be “The Last Samurai” you can be whatever.
    4)Your marketing tactics are solid. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
    5)Keep doing your thing.
    6)Blah blah blah boobs. Blah blah blah blonde. Mac, mmmm I wanna fuck you. And if I could I’d fuck theChive. I’d fuck it so hard.
    7)My email is just a way for me to try and start a relationship with women… and men. We know I don’t discriminate. Hit me up 😉
    8)I sound like I’m running for office. Whew am I a douche.
    9)From now on I’d like to be called “Chocolate Thunder” and the sexy chivettes are going to be called “sexual white chocolate”.


    It’s funny how much he hates it, but he’s always on here, dogging the hotties and the site, meanwhile his in a library bathroom wacking it, then wipes his tears with a jizzed filled hand, then continues to scroll thru the ‘burn ur bra pics’!!!!!!

  • bless1

    #9,#25- very sexy!

  • Josh

    Ehhh…I’d pee in her butt.

  • Jsizzle

    hot nerds are the holy grail.

  • Carlos

    Want to marry.

  • SOZ

    By the gods she is gorgeous! Moar plz

  • Dave

    Not into cosplay but #9 could get me interested

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  • rebelace9

    #31 is a masterpiece

  • Ray

    Does anyone else think @mayer-whack job-jackoff-jacoby is off his damn meds? Go start your own little pathetic website and put up all the cock suckers you want. Freaking loser.

    • @mayerjacoby

      shut up ray

  • Cad

    Meh. Wake me when she does porn.

  • Eddie

    This girl is Frigen awesome lol

  • Zach

    Hot girls in cosplay… Yes please. There should be a section dedicated to it. Get on that.

  • Backwards Genius

    #25 w00t!

  • Boobies

    #12 for sure .

  • Ray

    This chic has an outstanding body. As proof i submit #25 #2 #6 & #29

    • Ray

      Not 29…dumb dumb dumb…#33

  • big_james

    We saw her at WonderCon cool deal!

  • Twigfinger

    #27 rocks – would love to party with that group of girls amirite?

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