Jessica Nigri is using the Twitter machine properly (33 Photos)

Jessica Nigri exploded on the cosplay scene in 2009 with a Pikachu costume for the books, but since then she's proved to be one of the most creative cosplayers out there. Jessica is very active on Twitter so stop by and say hello right here.

Jessica’s Twitter Page.

  • Anonymous

    good god…

  • N

    Nerds wet dream

  • BitchmenBob

    oh my fucking god…..

  • bob

    nice boobs, slightly over average face. but plays video games OMG SO HOT

  • Doo doo brown

    I do not understand the cosplay thing. Any help?

  • wow

    You are gorgeous and the woman of many a mans dreams.

  • Frank

    #17 I still would

  • KHfan4evr

    I am very disappointed in you chive. She is such a poser. -_-*

  • Mustacho

    #23 cosplay with Axe Cop ftw!

  • Jangles

    There are a lot of fucking haters on Chive.

    • etcrr

      you have no idea

  • Johnny walker

    God what a dime. I would give my left and half my right nut for this women

  • TRulyHOnest

    Really this is GOt to bE the hottEST girl. not just for her looks but for the characters and personalty and for the rest of the PEOPLE UP THERE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ she doesn't need help your just too old and lost your soul to accept GAMER AND ANIME POSSESSIONS THIS IS NEW GENERATION!

  • Matt


  • Anonymous

    2, 13, and 32. Morrigan ! YES, I will now make a twitter to follow you.

  • TheB0a

    2, 13, and 32. Morrigan ! YES, I will now make a twitter to follow you.

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  • skinger

    I bet this chick is hell-on-wheels in the sack.

  • Ardis Foxx

    #26 Zomg Naruto henge cosplay. Now I've seen everything… 🙂

  • etcrr

    Beautiful woman #27 Dovakiin

    • etcrr

      Take a second and check out my profile, see how I delete any posts of mine that have negative votes and then repost the same exact thing. I then vote up my own post all in a pathetic effort to increase my score.
      I've even been going back to posts from months ago, replying to myself and then voting myself up hoping nobody catches on.

    • Moon Pie

      delete derp delete derp

  • jare

    All the characters look awesome! Friggin’ slammin’ gorgeous, too!

  • @LouElHumano

    And that's how us Protect our Virginity… #22
    BTW #6 is with Timm Gunn and Suda "51" Goichi,Desingner of the Videogame "Lolipop chainsaw" (#3)
    and "Killer 7", "No More Heroes" and "Shadows of the Damned"

  • @robnailer

    FIND THEM ALL……oh wait never mind

  • lentinant

    #5 Her cosplay for Lollypop Chainsaw heroine is much sexier than heroine herself

  • Tyler


  • Derek

    #33 I want to see more cleavage like that.

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