Jessica Nigri is using the Twitter machine properly (33 Photos)

Jessica Nigri exploded on the cosplay scene in 2009 with a Pikachu costume for the books, but since then she's proved to be one of the most creative cosplayers out there. Jessica is very active on Twitter so stop by and say hello right here.

Jessica’s Twitter Page.

  • tommytwotime

    #9 oh my god I love you #27 I'm not going o sit here and tell you I sank 150 hours in this game, I'm not

  • chiver

    I wish i hand a friend like her haha lots a fun to be had

  • Dr. Evil

    Geeky and hot?

    Marry me?!

  • perfectedpixel

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  • KHfan4evr

    Thank god you didn't post her yoko pictures… She called her version of Yoko "Yoko Rittona" which is completely wrong. Her cosplay was yoko littner. Yoko rittona is yoko's "star boob" outfit. If people are looking for Yoko check out My friend Momo Kurimi or my own Yoko Littner at

  • nogoodpunkrocker

    Zonies FTW! …

  • Anonymous

    Hottest zombie I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen like 6this zombies.

  • Anonymous

    Hottest zombie I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen like 6 zombies.

  • Liam

    The gears and the Naruto sexy jutsu are my favourites yay

  • Bob

  • James

  • Bob


  • moar boar

    #24 supercute with a tiiiight body

  • THEescoGUY

    I want one!

  • Anonymous

    All I saw was a nice pair of tits in different costumes. And theres nothing wrong with that….

  • Patrick

    I'm in love.
    Can we see a Power-Girl –

  • Brian

    THERE IS A GOD!!!!

  • BlackHawk

    lots of like, haha

  • Anonymous

    #9 get me some low-angle shots. Don’t make it too obvious but i wanna see fur and early morning dew.

  • bboy Onix

    Im just Plain Happy Now. I was In a Horrible mood and you fixed that right up 🙂

  • Digs

    #22 I approve of this woman and what she does!

  • Dr. Evil

    I have to laugh at mayer calling her a "marketing tool". Someone's been reading Cracked haven't they? Had you bothered to read the article and not just pulled your usual knee-jerk reaction, you would have seen that the writer acknowledges that the woman are hot, they're just trying to market themselves to geeks.

    Also, I'm willing to bet that she probably makes more money in a single appearance in one of those costumes then you make in a month at your McJob.

    Finally, I personally think it takes a lot of confidence for a woman to dress like that, or in not a lot of clothing, and appear in front of thousands of people.

  • bbb

    You are the sexiest fucking thing ever… I want to marry you

  • adam

    Id Fuck the zombie

  • Dr. Evil

    Also mayer, this "ugly girl" as you call her has actually found a lucrative way to a modeling career.

    Hot blondes are a dime a dozen but by cosplaying, she's carved a niche for herself.

    You have to give her a small measure of respect for that.

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