People you will always meet at the gym (13 Photos)

Every word of this is the truth and you know it….


  • BigManJones

    Holy fucking grammar, Batman!

  • drbman

    So true So true….

  • Newb

    You definitely forgot to add the Bro… The guy that only works out his chest and biceps with his skinny little legs listening to terrible mall metal bands.

  • SadeShadz

    #3 Gross as fuck.

  • Timmy P

    The guy with ALS ( air lat syndrome) he’s bout 90 lbs and has a wing span of 10 ft.

  • Bones

    I’m #4

  • JGRI

    I own a gym, you also forgot the camelback, the guy that carries his gym bag, weight belt, gallon of water, shake mixer, workout journal, etc, etc, around the gym all the time and never seems to realize there are these new invention called "lockers" where you put your stuff. Also, "Unsolicited Advice Guy" is almost always "Does EVERYTHING Wrong Guy".

  • Takingbackcider

    This guy also ….

  • Brett Hall

    I'm so a #1 but I'll say this, I'd rather be fat and strong as fuck than skinny and weak.

    Fat man that bench presses 415 lbs always trumps ripped six pack abs guy that can barely lift the fucking bar.

    • Trig

      With you fella…they cant do 13 pints and a curry on a Friday night then make it to the footy game the next morning.

    • ASD

      Razor abs on a skinny guy are like really nice clothes on a fat girl.

  • D.Bag

    Yep. I'm numbers 6 and 11. Not particularly proud of it; it's just a fact.

  • Zeke88

    Let's not forget the annoying bitch that walks on the treadmill while she talks on her cell phone so loud that we can all hear about "what a skank Tiffany is".

  • theghostcoast

    At college we called the marathon freaks ‘anorexorcisers.’

  • Jaymizz

    I’m definitely a number 6. I can’t help it, but I make sure to bring a towel around everywhere.

  • Nilbog

    Then you have the people who make fun of others in the gym who don't do any real exercise themselves, or don't even go to the gym at all. They all just jelly.

  • bucknasty

    How about these:
    -people that take up 2 fucking machines/benches at a time? leaves a nasty ass towel or drink on them while he's on another one.
    -people that "have to" work out in front of a mirror, even if it means standing in front of you with their ass in your face
    -people that work out right in front of the dumbbell rack.
    -people who don't actually know any exercises and make shit up as they go along.
    I could go on and on

  • Dr_StrangePants

    Guilty as charged

  • namestim

    Also, you forgot…
    1. Guy who can't seem to rack his fucking weights and when he does, puts them in the wrong spot. The gym is not your house bud, clean your shit up.
    2. Blue-tooth Guy – The guy who is screaming into his blue-tooth the entire time he's working out. Everybody in the gym NEEDS to hear his very important conversations.

  • mike

    You left out the kids that never fail to post on Facebook, "bout to get my sweat on" and "great ass workout". Mind you, these are the same kids who you just saw at the gym standing, bone dry, next to their gigantic friend and his bench for the past 15 minutes.

  • Mr. T

    #12 Mondays always have my gym full of these. Good eye candy, but terrible if you want to use anything but free weights.

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  • Shmaw

    #3 Powerthirst is crystal meth in a can! Its crystal meth in a can! Powerthirst is crystal meth!

  • Backwards Genius

    Gime? What is Gime?

  • Kyle billings

    Wow, I know photoshop doesn’t have spell check but Jesus.. Pray vs. prey is the best error in the post.

  • Trig

    #1 Thats "Fat Strong Happy Guys" you skinny streak of misserable piss. We ate all the pies, and your bird. Problem?

  • 'Chard

    Fat Old man in the locker room that has no qualms about walking around naked. Its like a terrible threat of what your future holds.

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