People you will always meet at the gym (13 Photos)

Every word of this is the truth and you know it….


  • gutterville

    Fuck im the sweat monster #6

  • OhSomeEvil


    One of the biggest assholes, uses machine, sweats all over, doesn't have TOWEL TO WIPE DOWN FUUUUUUUU!!!!

    • Anomanom

      I have the same guy at my gym, except that he has a towel and still doesn't wipe his sweat off.

  • The kid

    Ahahaha this post was pretty funny. I’m at the gym 4-5 times a week and I instantly put a face to each category

  • coreym

    Spellcheck maybe? Who writes these shitty captions, anyway?

  • Faust


    pray: to offer devout petition, praise, thanks, etc., to

    prey: a person or thing that is the victim of an enemy, a swindler, a disease, etc.; gull

  • cpl alvarez

    you forgot the super scrawny people who try to lift for than they can and 1. look stupid cuz they’re swinging weights all over the place or 2. they end up with a bar and weights crushing them.

  • http://thechive thunder cat

    I’m been bodybuilding for 10 yrs. It’s all true

  • http://thechive thunder cat

    How about big muscle upper body guy with chicken legs.

  • Anomanom

    I see #11 at least three times a week. He's a nice guy but when he works out he grunts like old people fucking.

    And my gym has a subtype of #6. I call him Filthy Sweat Pig. He run a few miles on the treadmill, and once he's sweated through all his clothes, he goes and uses the weight machines. And rarely wipes them off after.

  • Lord Uglor

    I always love the 'jealous copycat'. Tries to out lift you on the same exercises at a different station, only because you might be stronger than him, glares at you while you're not looking.

  • Truth

    You forgot the super short but muscular guys- forever bulking, never growing

    • Mr.E

      if they are muscular wouldn't that imply they are doing something right? you're comment is confusing as ever.

  • Goat

    Meat head nonsense… Worst is the big dudes with no legs

  • Master_Rahl

    #4 #6 I'm definitely in these two categories, if I do end up at a gym. Usually I hit the gym… as a shortcut to the cafeteria.

  • johnny

    What about the roid monsters? They get no mention?

  • neverfound

    #9 "no other PRAY" nailed it

  • Anonymous

    I know the girl in number 10, she’s done alot, dropped 166 lbs and still continues to work at it

  • zyxxyz

    The Personal Trainer: Offering to repeat last month's Men's Health articles to you for $70/hour, tells you that you'll be fat and pathetic the rest of your life without his help.

  • Jake

    #8 nope. He wears dark blue short at my gym.
    #11 that’s me.
    Where is the anorexic girl that thinks she’s fat?

  • MonkeyKong

    Seriously guys, are half of your posts done by someone with English as their second language?

  • http://Chive Rosco

    All true. I was once #11. I’m still #6 damn.

  • BadManPajama

    #10 The Biggest Loser in a nut shell

  • Brian

    How many tools are going to comment on this post just so they can say how many times they go to the gym in a week? Yes we are all impressed and there should be a picture of you above. “lets everyone know how often he goes to the gym guy”.

    • Jesus

      The irony is that the ideal amount of activity to build muscle effectively (both strong and good-looking) really isn't that much. Most of the braggarts are actually more prone to overexercising, and losing out on maximal benefits from the exercise.

  • Tripp

    Which one are you???

  • lobolebowski

    #9. Prey

    just sayin

  • CaptainInsano

    How about the "Socializer Non Grata"… keeps talking to you while you lift/exercise.

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