People you will always meet at the gym (13 Photos)

Every word of this is the truth and you know it….


  • Steph

    I went to high school with #2. True story.

  • Waty

    Don't forget the
    Wanna Be Jersey Shore Crew – Males that spend more time on their hair than women and wear club clothes into the gym. Normally very skinny but jump around in the mirrors practicing boxing moves. They almost always wear graphic cut of t-shirts and even sun glasses. You can most often find them in front of the mirror, water fountain or bench pressing 85lbs with the help of their friends. Their race seems to be a mix between a mexican and black but even they don't know where their from. If you smell heavy cologne they are in the area.

  • purvieWRX

    I'm sorta glad I'm not categorized as any of those… unless someone makes the dedicated generic guy with earphones on…

  • Scott Runyan

    #9 you spelt prey pray….

  • Crimson K-9

    #3 cannot possibly wipe his own ass….

  • neoevans


  • Travis

    #11 chive why you no spell noises right?

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  • Straight Dude

    you forgot the gay guy. sits next to you in the sauna and asks you how your day went. trying to score on straight dudes. pathetic.

  • k2s

    What about Inappropriately Dressed Guy? Yesterday at the gym I saw a guy in khaki cargo pants and hiking boots and a man in slacks, button down shirt, and he even left his tie on. Or the ladies that wear slippers on the elliptical!

  • MrBackSlap

    They forgot the group of guys that talk and hangout all day and do about a set per workout.

  • Will

    There’s also creepy old naked guy that thinks being in a locker room gives him an excuse to hang brain

  • Shotgunbeaver

    How about "Wheres outdoor shoes into the gym even in the winter" guy. Leaving slush puddles by the machines he uses.

  • Feno

    In this case, yes. But some punctuation goes outside the quotation marks. A good way to remember it is that the "bigs" (e.g., the colon, semicolon, etc.) stay outside, and the "littles" (e.g., comma, period, etc.) stay inside.

    Shit, my life sucks.

  • Steve

    I’m glad I wasn’t in there…..or wait a minute…..oh shit, I am! I’m the man who wasn’t there! Joined the gym, paid the dues, and never went because I’m ALWAYS WORKING!

  • sociallyfitblog

    Reblogged this on Socially Fit and commented:
    Funny and true….we are “The Couple”

  • João Pinto

    I really like the way old timers reject all the new stuff, I mean if you can use the new stuff to get even better why do it like before?

  • Kimberly /

    So funny! Geez, I might be at least two of those!!

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  • davis123

    What about the "back in the day" guy? The one who used to bench 845 and is now the fat strong guy?

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