• http://facebook.com/henree.garcia HG

    I can’t sleep. I love you chive!

  • etcrr

    Kid can tumble for sure, he should go onto the Olympic team

    • mikeee

      you are not smart……..

    • SSMK

      When he can't seem to stick his landings……..

  • benny

    that sh!t Kray!!!!

    • Matt947

      You don't say?!
      Do you agree Jay?

      • Jay

        I do agree actually.

  • jwpcwrd

    First! And incredible

  • Anonymous

    I can do that……….. Oh I thought I was still dreaming…. Nevermind….

  • shanemcguire88

    [insert racial stereotype here]

    • ArticJester

      Irish people like to drink.

    • Smitty

      im polish and stupid?

  • Chivette11

    Amazing video but uhh.. what's up w the last 10 seconds?

    • Chive On!

      Come on BUSTER!! auhahwhwhuwhwwuwhooohhh

    • Midland Chiver

      Thanks from a kids show Arthur

    • Holy Shit WTF

      I'm learnin

  • Stephen

    Hahahaha I love the chunk of arthur on at the very end

  • Shawn

    He makes asians poop themselves….that "15" year old girl can't touch that

  • theycallmest3r

    that is brandon mcquien. he's a good cheerleader from the west coast.

  • Dangerfield

    That kid can spin o.O

  • hui


  • loop

    Com Truise- Futureworld is the song, in case anyone liked it.

    • Jeff


    • AxMan

      Cool, I was looking for that, Thx!

  • Chive On!

    Have fun getting out of bed in 10-15 years…

    • neoevans

      That's right, don't ever push yourself or you'll regret it later…

      Keep telling yourself that.

  • nodomag

    "LOL, how do I gravity"

  • Don't be hatin

    You know how I know we live in the matrix?

  • MemoCarrllg

    Like a Boss

  • http://aevaaccord.tk chris

    The kid can tumble, but those landings on his back would cripple him on a hard floor, bounce mats ftw.

  • Hugh

    Cue @mayerjacoby whining about Mac being racist in 3, 2, 1…

  • Tsu

    Amazing, though I don't get the audiences apparent strong need to hug him after every jump…

  • Ace

    I believe that’s the training facility of Ryouku. Those guys are really sick.

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    Imagine that shit from a first-peron-view. I think we'd all get nauseous.

  • ERads22

    If he can get those landings to be straight on and without moving, he couple easily get gold in the next Olympics.

  • Kyle

    He would make one helluva ninja fighter!

  • shaunvw

    U mad Bro??

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