• Sirgallahad

    My knee joints are aching just watching that.

    Kid has some talent.

  • thatguy

    Give me one good reason why the background music wasn't "Jump around" by House of Pain?

  • sassygurl129

    he must get all the chicks in school

  • Rothchild

    Get that kid some formal training and to the Olympics as a legitimate gymnast ! If he can do this …. he could go for the Gold!!!

  • Kiyoka

    What a lot of people don't realize is gym floors (like the blue floor everyone in this video is sitting around) are designed with cushion and springs so they're like extremely taught trampolines: somewhat bouncy to catch force in case a gymnast lands a stunt incorrectly and to prevent injury. So to think this kid could do the same thing on a "normal" floor is somewhat unrealistic (all of his lands are rather sloppy), but this is impressive still.

    • Randazzle

      wow! You'd shit on a rainbow if it were possible

    • ashleylclm

      it is not anywhere close to a trampoline. nice try though. and he can do a lot of the same stuff on hard floor- ive seen it first person.

  • Matt

    HTML5 is for winners. Come on chive.

  • Lije2011

    I would love to see a helmet-cam pov for this

  • Jammy

    Not sure how that was unique. Can't most gymnasts at the college level do most of that? Not saying it's not hard to do just saying I think it's not unique.

  • Zrock76

    Is that kid going to the Olympics?


    You have reached level: ninja

  • Gooberjack

    Between preteen asian musicians and this guy, there are no more dreams left for me… I has a sad.

  • ashleylclm

    hell yeah lil b!!!!! :]

  • FMH

    Black people; making white people look like pussies since 1865

  • thekoog


  • burt reynolds

    his form is shitty, his landings are crooked, and technically these aren't very difficult tumbling passes. I know i'm going to catch a world of shit for this comment, but this whole urban "tricking" is just shitty ghetto gymnastics.

  • Russia

    wow my mind is fucking blown right now…

  • Bamer36


  • Steve Grenier

    Like the guy at the end of the video, daaaaaaaaaaaaaammnnn!

  • Some guy

    Welfare check came early

  • Ang

    There is no respect now a days

  • Eliav Mintz

    Holy Shit. Who is this guy? I need to put him in one of my videos. Someone please help me contact.

  • Jud C

    Crack is one hell of a drug..

  • Pro life

    Put that kid on a basketball court and make his race proud

  • Anonymous

    Too sick

  • Brandon

    Why isn’t this guy on our Olympic gymnastic team?? Holy hell that shits crazy

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