All aboard the Hump Day Express (67 photos)

Our good friends at Reef know their tush’s and have supplied the web with a bounty of booty. Check out this promo video they made featuring…well, butts.

  • turbosnail4

    Gosh I love Wednesdays!!!!

    • BuffaloJustSayin

      I know. Ain't it a swell day?

    • Chris

      Agreed, this was the sexiest Hump Day post ever!

    • Gallus

      I have to agree. This is a first class album.

    • Glad He Ate'r poop

      most, if not all of them, need to take a class in shaving there crud muffens zaria.

    • Chris R.

      I agree also but please #57 never send a picture again

  • misschris

    #63 *wolf whistle* I'd like to see who is attached to that perky hump

    • kodakkid

      I was thinking I would like to attach myself to that perky hump.

    • Fish

      Best game of Peek-a-boo ever.

    • patov40

      Naughty. Love it! You always have such good taste Miss Chris! B)

  • xavi00

    powpowpow #2

    • Dave

      Totally tongue punch the fart factory on the middle one

      • duder

        Enjoy eating shit do you?

    • um_yeah

      Middle one FTW of the entire post!!

      • boll

        not even close

      • PBR

        Right side FTW!

    • grape


  • MattyP

    #65 Perfect shitter on that critter!

    • lamboe

      That's such an ignorant phrase dude…

      • Ray

        But never the less, a very VERY nice ass.

      • Average John

        Yeah…..I gotta agree……

  • echogeo

    That is damn special, right there.

    • who dat


      • nathan

        i was just about to oost the exact same thing… so i will

        TURN AROUND!!!

      • Bonnie Tyler

        Bright eyes…every now and then I fall apaaart.

    • Dorkfish

      next level sexy

    • Gallus

      About face, darlin', about face!

    • Chazz_B

      does anyone have a picture of the other side?

  • Boom


    • Martin_McFly

      goes the dynamite…

    • Tim

      It is a little odd that there are never any blacks girls on hump day. Some of them must have amazing arses, right?

  • Glenn

    #41 GOOD GOD!

    • Armando Navarro

      Yes, good God indeed. That ass is heavenly right there.

      • Teutonicebonic

        I'll bet the engine under the hood is just as good.

    • robocarnage

      Photoshop strikes again

    • nigel

      No photoshopping, asses like this one actually do exist.

    • truth

      f'ing disgusting. try some exercise and nutrition. supreme fat ass

      • jhoratio

        Dude, have you ever even seen a woman naked? There is not an ounce of fat on this woman. Her ass looks like that because that is the shape of her fat free hips. She could exercise every day of her life (actually, she probably does) and it wouldn't make her hip bones shrink.

        • RayBoogs

          you are wrong, that ass is fat, yeah the hip bones are wide, but there is fat there.

    • John

      Gross/fat worst in the whole lot today

      • 0331

        I could taste vomit.

      • Lotus

        You sir, have terrible taste in women

    • Shinrahunter

      Honestly speaking, she looks great until you get to that ridiculously fat ass.
      That's fucking hidious!

      And to the dude who says there's not an ounce of fat on er..her thigh is bigger than her waist = FAT

    • Guest

      she is about one sandwich from turning into a tyrannosaurus.

    • cutefacelittlewaist

      Anybody who thinks that this girl's ass is too fat has never slept with a lady with an ass that round, and a waist that small. Probably most of you guys have never had sex, but sit around your computers looking at pics of tiny GIRLS, with one of your tiny hands on your mouse and the other tiny hand down your pants. The rest of us like WOMEN, with hips, juicy butt cheeks, and any else that she has to offer. You little guys would blow your loads before this girl even blinked if you had a chance to be alone with an ass like that.

  • MOAR

    #1 SHOTGUN!

    • Underbaker

      All yours, I will go sit in the back of the bus with the dirty girls. 🙂

    • @bckwdboi

      Hell, I would take any seat they offered …

    • @fenixtx40

      too bad girls here ain't like that… (that's a former mass-transport bus here in my country, Panama)

    • zinger

      shotgun anus

    • Higsrig

      Where do I get a ticket to ride

  • echogeo

    Hundreds of thousands of chivers are climbing over each other to get to you right now.

    • yikes :)

      I think she needs to do a little house cleaning before she submits any more pics from her bathroom!!! YUCK!

      • Brandon

        trailer trash for sure! NO DOUBT!

      • Owen Smithers

        Yeah, it's a good rule of thumb, I think, to avoid taking pics with a toilet and/or toilet paper in the frame. Kind of ruins a perfectly fine hump.

    • jojo

      She has a nice butt…….BUT would make a terrible wife! That bathroom is gross! Look at the floor!

      • Datface

        Why the fuck are you looking at the floor.

    • Fender

      WTF is all over the floor!?!?!?!? Damn….kinda messes that whole picture up girl.

      • boll

        usually i think "lol wut floor" comments are over used but seriously….why the fuck were you looking at the floor?

    • yodaddy

      Yeah not everyone lives with their moms like you guys so STFU! Now I'd like to suggest yoga pants!!!!

      • Ron

        Yoga pants yes! Just not a picture from her bathroom!! Just friendly advice!

      • Harden Long

        Damn I meant to thumbs down this. There is a toothbrush behind the toilet layin in the filth. Probably a good thing we dont see her face.

    • Gallus

      You guys noticed the bathroom?!

      • mikey

        I noticed she should do some squats…that will help get the pants on…….of course, living in that trailer means she is good at getting them off…

    • weldsoft

      I guess she forgot to say "please be gentle" in her fine pic.

    • chris

      is that a prego test on floor by the toilet???

      • Huh?

        Her toothbrush for the bowl.

  • Martin_McFly

    #26 Sweet Resurrected Baby Jesus and his Holy Mother Mary!!!!! What a Hump!!!!

    • Epitomizer

      #26 Is definitely Chive Worthy, #13 IMO is not (since you asked). She has a case of the long cheek.

    • Daniel Segovia

      Lol That was the best comment on the best pic of this thread.

  • Jeff

    #6, here let me help you with that!

  • Leonel_LyL

    #5 #56

  • echogeo

    I want to hear the *ahem* 'tale behind' this pic.

    • Kyle429

      Looks like she was giving some lucky-ass(no pun intended) dude a BJ. Not sure though. What I am sure of is I want MOAR!

    • pantibiblon

      The 1st thing that came into my mind was….B.Job

  • Shinanigins

    Love #55

    • ChronicUser

      Oldie but a goodie! PLEASE find that hottie!!!


      Sexy as shit

    • weldsoft

      It's nice and cheeky!

    • mouchette

      Summer and the butt, I thank you.

    • Simon


  • Martin_McFly

    #5 Perfect Hump! And whats that I spy in the looking glass?? Could it be Future Lower Back Problems?? I dare say YES!

    • Robert

      #5 is Lana Tailor. Enjoy!

      • Martin_McFly

        You may borrow the Delorean, sir, whenever you like…

  • Jeff

    #55, heaven help me!

    • 99mike

      This one is my favorite..

  • Doucher


  • super soaker 123

    How come the bottomless girls in Chive shirts always have the nicest asses?

    • super soaker 123

      like #15

      • Ray

        Hell if i know but that is a damn fine ass right there

        • Underbaker

          From what I can see the bumps in front are pretty righteous too. Would love to see the total package on display.

    • ignorantchivers

      Bcoz thechive photoshops those pics to make it look like these girls are chivettes you dumbfucks.

  • Bogus_Shizzall

    #16 Same as yesterdays WY Chivette?

    #21 & #60 very nice

    • WyoChiver

      Go Wyo!! Need I say we need MOAR of #16?

      • UWYO

        Wyoming! good to see. KCCO from Wy.

    • WYO_44


    • patov40

      The "heel in the thong" look needs a special name. Good choices Bogus.

  • Mr.Party

    #42 dat ass

  • LucretiusCarus

    #7 Would that that were my car.

    #15 #53 #62 Good Christ almighty. That is all.

    • Teutonicebonic

      Wait, what?

      • LucretiusCarus

        People aren't used to the subjunctive so much anymore, huh? I was saying I wish that car were mine.

        and then just exclamatory statements to indicate I appreciated those asses. Can't figure out at all why that would get thumbed down. But so be it.

        • Herp McDerp

          "would that that were my car"

          subjunctive tense? looks more like nonsense

          • LucretiusCarus

            well…there's your first problem. Subjunctive is a mood, not a tense. You'll get the hang of it eventually. Would that you had paid more attention in English class.

  • Martin_McFly

    #15 Well done, you!

    • Borat

      Thank you Mcfly.. the only one i even considered posting… I LIKE

    • Love da Hump


  • Jeff

    #52, nice hump & do you mind if I mind your gap over lunch?!

  • WoogyMonster

    #52 There is a god, damn!

    • Jeff

      I think she's airing out a fart dudes. move on.

  • untamedride

    #62 daisy dukes will get me every time

    • dorkfish

      Me too, Lovin the cut-offs

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